Waiting For Who

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 25:14-30

Theme: Are we waiting for the Lord to call us or are we waiting for the Lord, (or someone else), to do what needs to be done. A short skit with blank stage, two actors and offstage Voice of God (VOG) tells of excuse-giving in missions.

Bible Reference: Matthew 25:14-30, 9:37, 19:5, Judges 6:37

Cast: 3
VOG (Voice of God, deep voice)
Marty (m or f)
Dallas (m or f)

Set, Sound, Costumes: standard

Time: 12

Sample of script:

Marty comes onstage, paces, checks watch, looks offstage
Marty:            Doesn’t that just beat all, how do you figure some people?
Marty goes back to pacing
Dallas watches, confused

Dallas:            Excuse me Marty . . . .
Marty ignores, continues pacing
Dallas:            Excuse me Marty. . .  Mind telling me what you are doing?
Marty:            I should think its rather obvious Dallas.
Dallas:            Well . . . might be to some people . .  but for someone like me where it isn't obvious . . . exactly what are you doing Marty?
Marty:            Well, if you must know . .  I am waiting for Jessica.
Dallas, confused:        

Jessica Thompson you mean?
Marty:            Well, Dallas, seeing as how Jessica Thompson is the only Jessica we know . . . yes, I am waiting for Jessica Thompson!
Dallas:            Well, thing is, Jessica Thompson is out of town, gone to Hawaii, not gonna be back for two weeks.
Marty:            Well if that don’t beat all! . . . How inconsiderate can Jennifer be? . . . Gone to Hawaii and left me standing here waiting for her!
Dallas:            That’s not like Jennifer, . . did she know you planned to meet her here today?
Marty:            Dallas Burrows, I am here everyday precisely at this time.
Dallas:            Sorry Marty, I didn’t know that.
Marty:            But you are here Dallas, so are you like saying it’s a coincidence we met here today?
Dallas:            Well I was on my way to the church, decided to take a shortcut, walk through here, never did before, so . . . yep I guess it was a coincidence.
Marty:            Well, I like that! . . . Here I could have been waiting here for you today and just like Jennifer you would have kept me waiting here for nothing.
Dallas:            Well, maybe if you had let me know you were going to be here it might have helped.
Marty:            Sure, why don’t you say it’s all my fault, just because I didn’t tell Jessica and you I would be here.
Dallas:            Well, actually, that kinda sorta is what I am saying . . . I mean we aren’t mind readers.
Marty:            And just why are you on your way to the church, I mean its not Sunday, its Tuesday.
Dallas:            Pastor called for anyone interested in missions to come to a meeting at the church today. You were there, you heard it, why aren’t you coming to the meeting?
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