Gratitude Attitude

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Timothy 2:1-2

Theme:            Should we be grateful for all around us, including our political leaders, even when they appear to underserving and even wrong.


Bible Reference:          1 Timothy 2:1-2


Cast:                5, (m or f)
Flanderson Glooper BNN (Better News Network) announcer
Senator Colonel J, loud and obnoxious
Grundy (Grundeen if female) Grumpmeister of Dark Side Coalition (negative)
Harriet (Harry if male) Whocares of Opt-out Anonymous
Gracie Grateful of Elm Street Church


Set:                  Talk Show set with Flanderson in the center, bare or dressed up as desired


Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:              12 minutes


Sample of Script:


Flanderson:     Welcome to BNN, the Better News Network, the nation’s leading source for all the news that is news while it is still news!
Tonight our panel debate focuses on gratefulness. . . .
The Attitude Of Gratitude, I call it . . .
(projects a phony smile to the audience)
Dreamed the name up all by myself . . . doncha think it is way out appropriate?


Colonel J:        Well son, y’all know me, I’m just a straight shootin’ senator from Parched Whistle, Arkansas and I would have to say to you Glanderson Flooper, that . . .


Flanderson:     Pardon my interruption Senator Colonel J, but the name’s Flanderson Glooper . . .


Colonel J:        Whatever son! . . . But fact is you’d be much better callin’ this chin wag . . .  “Gratitude Is The Attitude” . . . Much better than that weak “Attitude Of Gratitude” thingie y’all came up with!


Flanderson:     To each his own Colonel J! . . .  But before we start let me introduce our panel for the folks watching on TV back home.
First someone who needs no introduction . .  because he has already introduced himself . . . Independent Senator Colonel J from Pierced Tonsil, Arkansas . .


Colonel J:        Parched Whistle . .  Parched Whistle son!


Flanderson:     Whatever! . . . Next we have Grundy (Grundeen) Grumpmeister, vice-president of the Dark Side Coalition.


Grundy:           Good to be here Flanderson . .  although it would be nice if the chairs were a smidge more comfy.


Flanderson:     You do see the negative in everything don’t you Grumpy . . . errr Grundy.


Grundy:           We in Dark Side Coalition can see downsides others can’t.


Flanderson, raises eyebrows
Next we have Harriet Whocares from Opt-out Anonymous.
Welcome Harriet.
(Harriet is staring offstage, not focused, not listening, Flanderson speaks louder)
Uhhh . . . Harriet!
(still no reaction, speaks louder)        


Harriet comes to life, looks around, stretches


Harriet:            Someone call?


Flanderson:     I was welcoming you Harriet.


Harriet:            Welcoming me to . . . what exactly? . . . And who are you?


Flanderson:     I am Flanderson Glooper from BNN and you are part of the panel in our focus group discussion of “The Attitude Of Gratitude” . . .


Colonel J:        I still say that’s a namby pamby name y’alls have for this namby pamby focus group . . . Goodness knows I offered to bail you out Spandersman Trooper . . .


Flanderson, angry:     
MY name is Flanderson Trooper . . . I mean Glooper!
And “Attitude Of Gratitude” is not a namby pamby name and this focus group is not namby pamby OK?


Colonel J:        Whatever son.


Flanderson, angry:     
Yes, whatever indeed!
Now where were we?
Oh yes, introducing Harriet.
Now then, Harriet .. . .
(Harriet is spaced out again, Flanderson speaks louder)


Harriet comes to life, looks around, stretches


Harriet:            Someone call?


Flanderson:     I am Flanderson Glooper from BNN and you are part of the panel in our focus group discussion of “The Attitude Of Gratitude” . . .
(evil look at Colonel J)
Not a word Colonel J!
Finally we have Gracie Grateful from the local Elm Street Community Church.


Gracie:             I am grateful to be here Flanderson!


Colonel J:        Now just what for y’alls brought someone from some namby pamby church, all’s that Gracie Goodgrief is a’gonna do is trot around screamin’ out “Hallelujahs” and “Praise the Lords”!


Gracie:             Colonel J, my name is Gracie Grateful and it’s my hope that I can bring something useful to this forum from a Godly perspective.


Grundy:           Gracie all you bring is some worn out Christian cliché “glass half full” perspective. We all know the glass is half empty at the very best of times!


Gracie:             Surely you see the good around us don’t you Mr. Grumpmeister?


Grundy:           If there were any good I would be the first to comment on it! . . .  But for now good news isn’t on anyone’s horizon.


Harriet:            May I make a comment please?


Flanderson:     I would be forever grateful if you would!


Harriet:            My comment is I am bored. Everyone in Opt-out Anonymous is bored!


Colonel J:        Credit that to the namby pamby name Flatlander gave to this namby pamby forum!


Flanderson:     I am Flanderson and I don’t need your comments Colonel J . . And Harriet you are not bored and shall never be bored until I tell you to be bored, understand?

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