Trending Transformation

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:2

Theme:            The power of God making transformative changes in lives. Comparing this to how a butterfly is transformed from egg through pupa to the glorious perfection, the butterfly. Easily performed drama with humour, roles can be combined to reduce cast size.


Bible Reference:          Roman 12:2


Cast:                12 (m or f) likely teens


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Props:              phone, watch, papers


Time:              9


Sample of script:


Jenna comes onstage, obviously waiting for something, checks watch, shakes head, move, repeat

After a few seconds Gary and Tina come onstage, watch Jenna, confused


Gary:               Ummm, ahh . . . Jenna . . .


Jenna ignores, continues as above


Tina:                Jenna, mind telling me exactly kinda what you are doing?


Jenna:              Oh sorry Tina, hi Gary. Well, thing is I am wondering when my Dad will be done.


Gary:               Your dad is coming to pick you up? . . . My Mom is going to pick me up, we can give you a ride home Jenna.


Jenna, frightened look:
Nooooooo! . . . I do not want to go home until I am sure Dad is . . .  finished!


Greg, Alex & Brett come on stage, listen


Tina:                Finished? . . . What is your dad doing Jenna?


Jenna:              Dad is . . . (frightened look) . . . renovating our home!


Brett, fear:       No, not your dad! . . . I mean . . .


Greg:               Someone’s gotta . . . like . . . stop him!


Alex:               This could be dangerous . . . a disaster!


Jade, Nicky & Parker rush on stage, worried!


Jade:                Jenna, I heard your dad is renovating your home!


Parker:             Surely your Mom talked your dad out of such a terrible idea!


Jade:                After the last carpentry disaster surely someone would stop your dad!


Shelby, Sydney & Whitney rush onstage


Whitney:          Jenna, can you talk your dad out of this foolishness?


Jenna:              You know my father, when he gets an idea . . . !


Sydney:           I remember how your dad destroyed his last project!


Whitney:          Yah but last time he was working on a bird house so no biggie! But this is like . .  a house, . . . your house!


Jenna:              Dad said it was time for a renovation! . . . Said he wants to transform the place!


Greg:               Transform from a house to what though? . .  Shouldn’t transformation result in something better?


Whitney:          Yeh, like a butterfly.

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