With Palms or With Praise

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 21:1-11

Palm Sunday, the King is coming. Will we be worshipping him or simply going through another symbolic palm waving experience? This monologue has the presenter dressed in Biblical costume to welcome the Messiah - (is He going to do what He said He would do?), are we truly believing Him as He enters on the donkey instead a golden chariot? Then presenter sheds his costume, now dressed as modern day. He/she challenges the congregation how we are reacting to Palm Sunday. A thought provoking drama.

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, excited, looking off to off-stage location as though watching a group coming
He is on His way.
I heard He has passed the outer gates already.
He will be here in a few short minutes, come with me, let’s find a good spot where we can watch as He comes by.
I am so glad you are here, isn’t it exciting?
looks into audience as though greeting a single person
Good morning, I am (stage name), it is so good that you came, did you hear the good news, Jesus is coming into town.
I hear he is riding on a young colt! Let’s get ready, come with me please!
Can you see him?
Look, here he comes! Hail, Son of David!
He is coming down the hill from the Mount of Olives!
See his disciples coming behind Him. What I would give to be one of them!
Let’s find a good vantage point so we can see what happens.
Come, quickly!
Here He is! Finally, someone to free us from the Roman butchers.
shouts out
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. The prophet of Nazareth!
Oh, what a great day this is for Israel! The Romans will be crushed; we will be free once more.
shouts out
Hosanna, Jesus is the King.
Look, over there, look at them, straining to see Jesus.
frowns, unhappy
But look, Jesus is riding on a common donkey! I am beginning to wonder at His style of kingship.
I am starting to wonder . . . would the long awaited Messiah ride a donkey?
Oh I know, throughout the centuries heroes and kings have entered Jerusalem riding donkeys. Just 200 years ago, Simon Macabbees, (mik-eb-Es), rode a donkey down this very street, to the delight of a crowd equally exuberant.
annoyed with someone in audience
I am aware of history, and I do not need to be reminded! But that was then, this is now! People don’t want history, we want release from Roman oppression! It is that kind of king which He must be!
Yes, I am aware, He is not simply king, He is the King of Kings. He is the coming king prophesied throughout the ages, the mighty one spoken of by the prophets.
I am aware of that.
looks up as though seeing Jesus right before him, waves, bows
We will follow you and serve you King Jesus, be the King in our lives!
But our Messiah must also be the arrows in our bows, the swords in our hands if we are to overturn the Romans. Our window of opportunity is small and brief, we must seize it now, or it shall be lost forever.

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