Bosnian Persecution

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 4:12

Christian persecution in Bosnia. A family is somewhat torn apart by the son attempting to be friends with a Christian missionary and a father holding firm in the Muslim religion.

Sample of script:

Bakir and Sefika are sitting on stage, Samir walks on

Samir: Good evening, father, mother.

Bakir: You are late. Where have you been?

Samir: Hanging out with friends.

Bakir: With the Americans, no doubt. You know how I feel about you hanging out with Americans.

Samir: They are not Americans, they are locals, from here in Sarajevo.

Bakir: What of this Peter, he is not an American?

Samir: Yes, Pete is from America, he is a missionary, you know that father.

Bakir: I have warned you that I will not have you being around these rabble-rousers, these Christians, now for the last time . . .

Sefika: It is late, we all need to eat, I have made some fresh soup. Not often since the war has the marketplace been so well stocked with fresh vegetables and we need to eat while . . .

Bakir: Did you hear me son, I am not prepared to suffer humiliation as you are corrupted by these . . . . Christians.

Sefika: Husband, it is time to eat, our son is hungry, he has been at university and it is now . .

Bakir: Sefika, silence, woman! I will not have my son jeopardize my job, my position within the community, cavorting with these . . foreigners. Jobs are difficult to come by since the war, I will not have my livelihood put in peril with those in influence simply because my son wishes to ignore the true religion of Bosnia.

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