Bridge Too Unnecessary

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 37:1-5

Do good people need to make that step of declaring their faith? Isn't it good enough that they are good people, why do they have to make that commitment to God??


Cast: 2, man and woman


Note: The final line of the drama is meant to leave the outcome in doubt. This could mean that the audience would be expected to make their own decision, or that a pastor may expand on the conflict.


Sample of script


actors are standing at one side of the stage, looking across the stage


Sue: Look Tom, over there, there it is, that’s where we want to go! Isn’t it awesome over there?


Tom: Well, yes, looks very nice Sue. But really, nothing wrong over here either when you think of it. I mean, we have a great life; things are going great right where we are.


Sue: Well, yes, but it’s that final step, that final victory.


Tom: Sue, sweetheart, I don’t understand, what more could we hope for? I mean, we have a great life, an awesome marriage, some of the best kids around, good and challenging job, the whole nine yards. What is the reason for us taking that extra step?


Sue: Oh but Tom, just think of how much better . . .


Tom: And also think of the danger we face. I mean, what if we fall flat on our face, what will our friends say if they see us? I mean, won’t they wonder why we aren’t satisfied with what we have?


Sue: But look at the others who have crossed that bridge, see how much happier they are. Like the Nelsons.


Tom: But honey, the Nelsons were in massive trouble, their marriage was on the rocks, Neil had lost his job, Sheila had that cancer scare. I mean, it makes sense for them. But we have none of those problems.


Sue: I know Tom, but the Nelsons weren’t always in trouble, things just piled up on them, they weren’t able to cope.


Tom: Exactly hon, and that’s where we are different from the Nelsons. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I like Neil, but he was never a real eager beaver. And big thing is, there is no doubt that Sheila is no way in your league! I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have you as my wife! You truly are something, hon!


Sue: Well, thanks dear but . .


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