Bosses Dont Wash Feet

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 13:1-7

A contemporised story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples from John 13:1-7


Sample of script:

Cy: Some meeting, glad that’s over!

Nat: Well, actually Cy, I thought it was kinda good.

Phil: Good? What are you talking about Nat? What do you make of that display by the Boss? What kind of leadership was that anyhow?

Maggie: Well I’m with you Nat, I liked what I saw.

Cy: Sure Maggie, you would like that. The Boss, helping serve the staff meal. You’d never catch me serving!

Phil: It simply isn’t normal! He is the Boss! In this world, as you travel up the corporate ladder of success, you serve less and less and are served more and more. That’s the way it is, the way it should be!

Cy: Right totally on! That’s why you are a leader, that’s the perks. You can hire the servants, the cooks, the butlers, the bodyguards, the chauffeurs and the caddies. In our society servant-hood is what’s done by the lower class and what’s enjoyed by those who have earned, or bought, prestige and position.

Nat: Actually Cy, I think the boss showed that he was human, one of us.

Phil: Well, Nat, I happen to agree with what Tom said in there, he doubts the Boss is going to get any respect now.

Maggie: Phil, you know very well that Tom doubts everything that comes up. I like to see a real person shining through the image of my leader.

Phil: Nonsense Maggie! What people really look for in a leader is someone a little bigger than themselves. There’s a certain aloofness, a certain . . . power that exudes from great leaders, and that’s what makes people want to follow their leadership.

Maggie: Good leadership is servant leadership. Great leaders wash the feet of their people.

Cy: Give your head a shake, Maggie! Bosses don’t wash feet! If feet need to be washed, good bosses hire good foot washers. Servants serve, bosses boss!

Maggie: Why do you say that Cy? You saw the people who served the meal during our meeting, the owner of the restaurant was right there, working right along with the waiters, serving food.

Phil: Doesn’t say much about the restaurant owner’s management style! If a guy has got far enough along to own a big business he should be at the point where he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do, and can do anything he wants to do. I mean, that is the American Dream after all, isn’t it? Nothing wrong in a lifestyle where our desires and preferences are our priorities. Anyhow, a cloak of humility doesn’t look good on leaders.

Nat: Anyone see what happened to Jude? Took off like a shot after that little chat with the Boss.

Maggie: Something about Jude scares me.


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