Church Improvement The Power of Agreement

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Mark 11:24
Wilkins and Tom, (thinly disguised next door neighbors on Tool Time), give a lesson on trusting God, the power of prayer.

Sample of Script:

(Starts with Wilkins behind fence you can see his head, he's wearing a hat - in enters Tom - wearing tool belt, shirt, tie , and a hard hat. Tom is looking over the fence to see if Wilkins is back there)
Tom: Hey Wilkins you there?
Wilkins (hands on fence): Well Hi de Ho neighbor
Tom: So what you up to today?
Wilkins: I'm waiting for my eggs to dry.
Tom: Really? I usually just eat mine.
Wilkins: No Tom, not those kinds of eggs, these are Ukrainian painted eggs. It's a practice going back several centuries. It's a very detailed and precise art.
Tom: Wilkins, can I ask you a question?
Wilkins: I believe you just did?
Tom: (Frustrated) Oh no, we're not playing that game again, can I ask you some questions?
Wilkins: Certainly Tom.
Tom: Why are you always in your back yard.
Wilkins: It's kind of an embarrassing story?
Tom (wants to hear about this): Really?!?
Wilkins: It's because I have an irrational phobia.
Tom: You lost me somewhere! You are saying you're staying in the back yard because of some movie about spiders.
Wilkins: Not Arachnaphobia, but Irrational phobia, I have a unjustifiable fear of people seeing my face.
Tom: (peeking over fence - Wilkins pulls back) Why?
Wilkins: When I was a lad, I had large ears and although I have grown into them. I am still very self conscious.
Tom: Ouch!
Wilkins: I'm afraid I've spend too much of my life running from people.
Tom: Wilkins I can't even count the number of times you've helped me out, I want to help you out this time.
Wilkins: You're not going to use those Bifford 2000 shears on me, are you Tom?

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