How Much Do You Love Me

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 4:19
Delight In His Love. Understanding that a true friend, especially God, loves you always.

Two women are sitting together, reading. Women could be any age, any costume. Only props would be a small book for each of them to be reading at the opening of the drama.

Sample of script:

Elaine is very interested in her book, while Claire can’t seem to concentrate on her reading.
Claire (Looking around, as if in deep thought.) Elaine, I . . .
Elaine (Looking up from her book.) Yes, Claire?
Claire Oh, (smiling) never mind.
Elaine Okay. (Goes back to reading.)
Claire (Obviously bothered.) Elaine, I really need . . .
Elaine Yes, Claire?
Claire Well, I was just wondering, . . . nothing. Sorry to have bothered you.
Elaine Claire, is there something the matter?
Claire Oh no! Everything is fine. Go back to your reading.
Elaine (Suspicious.) Okay.
Women are quiet for a moment, then Claire suddenly blurts out
Claire Elaine – how much do you love me?
Elaine (Slowly brings her eyes up from her book.) What?
Claire How much do you love me? I know we’ve been friends for a long time, but do you really love me as much as a true friend should?
Elaine What are you talking about? Of course I love you as a friend should! How can you ask that?
Claire Well, I just wanted to make sure.
Elaine Make sure? How many times have I told you I loved you? I tell you over and over that I love you. Shouldn’t that sink in sometime and make you realize that I really do love you?

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