Prefer One Another

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 23:25
The Self-Absorbed Church of Us offers (bad) alternatives to traditional loving churches as they prefer . . . as opposed to love . . one another

Off-stage Voice
Infomercial Salesperson (can be male or female, use of real first name is the easiest with this piece. Also, it’s best to have a person that persons in the audience have seen in other presentations.)

Directorial Note
The “Saints Salute” is something specific to my church, and can be replaced with a program the Director’s church does that is encouraging, but might be under fire sometimes.

Sample of script:

Off-stage Voice: (speaking while the Infomercial Salesperson sets up a small desk with paper, pen, Self-Absorbed Bible and chair and then stands in frozen position leaning on the desk waiting to begin.)
The following is a paid commercial. The ideas presented in this commercial are not supposed to be the views of the present listening body, or of anyone who follows the word of God.
Salesperson: Hello, I’m Sheila Arnold and I’m an actress. You may have seen me in various shows portraying someone who was a Christian. But I’m here to talk to you about a very real life-changing group. I’m here to introduce and invite you to attend Self-Absorbed Church of Us. I know you may have questions about this wonderful group, and I’m here to tell you of my personal testimony.
You see I used to attend a “traditional” church, but I found myself confined to the guidelines and restrictions of others. I was involved in several organizations and whenever I would give a suggestion to the leader, they would never listen to me. And my suggestions were always good and timely. I often played the devil advocate for my groups, so they could truly see the entire picture of any decision they were making, but they didn’t listen to me. I tried several times to become the President or at least some type of leader in the different groups, but was never elected, or nominated. I was told once I was so opinionated I caused conflict. Well, the church is a microcosm of society and we have conflict in society don’t we?

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