The Everyday Valentine

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 3:16

A short Christina skit, easily staged. The sending of Valentines cards is meant to be a statement of love, yet what would love be if offered only once during the year? This drama offers the thought that, while sending and receiving Valentines is a nice, and worthy, tradition, our love should mirror the love of God, never ending and never based on what is deserved.

Cast: 4 male or female, (likely female), early twenties or older

Set: A greeting card rack, may be very simple, use colored paper for cards

Sound: short sound clip of loud music

Props: greeting cards

Sample of script:

Lois comes on stage, goes through the card rack, selecting a card, looks at the back, frowns, clerk comes over to Lois, smiles, speaks
Clerk: Looking for a card? May I help you?
Lois: Yes you can. And putting a decent price on these cards would be a good start.
Clerk, smiles: Seems like everything is getting expensive, doesn’t it?
Lois: I have a good mind to go home and make up cards on the computer.
Clerk: That’s an excellent idea. (hands Lois a package) Our Holiday Hearts Template package is simple and fun to use. And just fourteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.
Lois, outraged: Fourteen dollars and ninety-nine cents? For a couple of pieces of paper?
Clerk: Actually there are six floral design cards, extra heavy stock, pre-creased and lightly scented.
Lois: Doesn’t make any sense, I can buy cards at the Dollar Store, already printed up, for two bucks each.
Clerk: True, but that doesn’t provide opportunity for you to display your unique originality and artistic flair. . . . Not to mention the lightly scented feature.
Lois: Well, it's a rip-off is what I think.
Clerk: Oh but think of the wonderfully warm feelings of love that special card will bring to friends and family.
Janice and Betty come on stage
Clerk: Ladies, and how are you today?
Betty: Very well thank you, a gorgeous day.
Clerk: A perfect day to send a special card to someone special, don’t you think?
Lois: And in the process toss five bucks out the window!
Janice, picks up card: Now that’s a lovely picture on this card!
Clerk, proudly: That’s our new “Blast From Your Past” Friendship cards. Just open it up, you will be impressed!
Janice opens card, “Orchestra” sound clip plays as the card is opened, Lois & Betty react in shock, Janice smiles in approval
Janice: Hey, way cool!
Clerk, to Betty: Isn't that something?
Betty, trying to be kind: Well . . . I have to say . . it is . . . certainly . . . . unique.
Clerk: Everybody loves it!
Lois: Not me, that’s for sure!
Clerk, hurt: No? What's not to love?
Lois: Battery operated; wanna guess how quick that sucker is a dead puppy?
Clerk: Actually research has shown that the battery will last an average of three hundred and eighty-four cycles . .
Betty, confused: Cycles?
Clerk, rolls eyes, not impressed: In the industry a cycle is one card opening, hence . . .
Betty, facetious: I will try to remember.
Clerk: Now ladies, how many of the “Blast From Your Past” Friendship cards would each of you like, bearing in mind we have our “Blast for the Century” promotion running until, (looks at watch), another forty-eight minutes, actually, not to rush you in your selection of course.

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