Prayer, Fasting and Pantry Items

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Corinthians 13:1

Going forth with prayer, fasting and pantry items. And doing it all without churchy jargon. Reaching out to those around us, both in prayer and in practical ways. Keeping our focus on those who are in need outside the church, and treating them as people, not as projects.

Cast: 3 (females)
Donna (mid 20’s or older)
Joan (mid 20’s or older)
Lorna (40’s or older)

Set, lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Props: cell phone

Sample of script:

Donna and Lorna come on stage, chatting

Donna: Yes, so anyway, I am really excited about putting together the new program for attracting new people to the church.

Lorna: Well I hope it all works out, Donna, so many outreaches to sinners just don’t you know.

Donna: Well, Lorna, we are not calling this so much an outreach, as assistance, being there for those in our community, maybe some food, clothing, . . . and we aren’t saying that they are like . . sinners, but people in need of spiritual guidance.

Lorna: Wasting your time is what! If we don’t recognize the unchurched as sinners why we are just getting off on the wrong foot is all.

Donna: Well, of course the world is full of sinners, but fact is we in the church are all sinners as well.

Lorna: Need I remind you we who have accepted the lordship of Jesus in our lives are sinners redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Big difference! So when you talk to sinners, say it like it is, that’s my approach!

Donna: Yes, I recognize that, but we aren’t to scare folks off either. Anyway, I invited Jane Thompson over for coffee, she and her husband and three kids moved into the old Anderson house on Spencer Avenue.

Lorna: You mean old Tom Anderson finally unloaded that rundown eyesore on the other side of the tracks?

Donna: Well it seems like the Thompsons don’t have much of anything, but I like them, they seem genuine and honest.

Lorna: Hope he has a good job, her with three kids; she likely will have no time to go out and get a job.

Donna: Actually, as I understand it, Tim doesn’t have a job yet, I am hoping we can help find something for him.

Lorna: No job and trailing a wife and three kids into town? Not a good way to show folks here what he is made of.

Jane comes on stage, looking around

Donna: Here’s Jane now. Will you stay Lorna and help me make Jane feel welcome?

Lorna: Well, tell you what, she’s your project, I’ll just stay here and make suggestions for things you may need to cover with her.

Donna, looks at Lorna, strange: Uhhh, yes, OK. . . . (to Jane) . . . Hi Jane, welcome to Elm Street Community Church.

Jane, uncertain smile: Uhh, hi, thanks for inviting me.

Donna, hand on Jane’s shoulder: So, how's Tim and the kids?

Jane: Poor Tim, he is getting a little frustrated I think, been out every day looking for a job, seems like nothing out there.

Donna: I am sorry Jane, I know it must be discouraging, tell him we are praying for him.

Jane: Thanks Donna. Tim came home all excited, he heard that Foster’s Auto Body downtown is looking for an auto body technician, and that’s what Tim is trained in. But he can't seem to get in touch with the owner to talk to him about the job.

Donna, laughing: Well Jane, this just might be your lucky day! (turns to Lorna) . . . Jane, I would like you to meet Lorna Foster, just so happens that her husband owns Foster’s Auto Body.

Jane, overjoyed: You are not serious! Do you think you could . . .

Lorna: Oh I have nothing whatsoever to do with my husband’s affairs . .

Jane: Sorry Mrs. Foster, I didn’t mean to imply that I wanted you to try to pressure your husband, it's just if he could maybe set up an appointment and . . .

Lorna, firmly: My husband and I have a firm rule; we never meddle in the affairs of the other.

Jane, embarrassed: Sorry Mrs. Foster, I had no right . . .

Lorna: So, are you saved Jane?

Jane, uncomfortable: Saved?

Lorna: Yes, have you been washed in the blood of the lamb?

Jane, unsure: Well, I asked Jesus into my heart last year, if that’s what you mean.

Donna: I think that’s exactly what Lorna was meaning, weren’t you Lorna?

Lorna: Do you feel justified in the eyes of Jesus?

Jane: Justified? . . . Well, I have to admit that I am still struggling with how Jesus would die for my sins, but I accept his love and forgiveness.

Donna: That’s wonderful Jane. I have been a Christian for many years, and the longer I am a Christian the more I marvel at how Jesus would die for me too.

Jane: Really? You mean you feel the same way?

Lorna: Do you understand the fourfold gospel?

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