I Remember Anniversary

A short poem for anniversary
I remember the day we met . .
how you brightened up a room when you entered
how the room seemed less exciting when you left
. . . suddenly cold and lonely

I remember the first time we dated . .
the world was brighter, nights more fascinating
when you were there, or when I thought of you
. . . in other words, . . every single moment

I remember the day you said you would marry me . .
how tomorrow seemed so full of promise
so full of unlimited possibilities
. . . and I hoped I would be worthy of you

As years go by I find out how little I really knew you back then
the way seeing a beautiful diamond can be pleasing
but close examination shows depth and uniqueness
. . . and brings a joy no words can express

How do I choose to remember you? . .
as a young, vibrant and beautiful girl . .
as a new wife planning house and home . .
as a Mother and Grandmother, loving, guiding

I choose to remember you as you are today . .
accomplished in experience
aged in confidence
radiant in self-worth
a Godly woman, revered in love and respect
. . and more beautiful than ever

Thank you for allowing me to share your life.
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