Impact People

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
Who are impact people in our lives, and how important are they?

Cast: 4 younger actors, male or female

Sample of script:

Johnny is sitting on the steps, chin in hands, sighing, rolling eyes
Joanie comes on stage

Joanie: Hey Johnny, why so bummed?

Johnny doesn’t answer, just a very loud sigh

Joanie: Wow! This looks bad serious.

Dawn and Reggie come on stage

Dawn: Hey Johnny, Joanie.

Reggie: How’s things here?

Joanie: I am doin’ great, Johnny not so much.

Reggie: That’s not like you, what’s happenin’ man?

Johnny: Mrs. Johnson went and told me I had to write a story about “The Person Who Has Made The Greatest Impact In My Life.”

Dawn: What for does your teacher want to know that for?

Joanie: Well that doesn’t sound so tough, likely lots of guys have made an impact.

Johnny: Nah . . . (thinks) . . . Well, maybe my big brother Tim. . . when we play football, Tim he likes to jump on me, that for sure does make an impact.

Reggie: Likely that’s not what Mrs. Johnson had in mind Johnny. . . But hey, there’s lotsa guys I can think of made an impact on me.

Johnny: Gonna give me a for-instance?

Reggie: I can do that. . . I know this fella, name of Andy, he introduces me to folks I need to know.

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