• Cast Number: 11
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 12:2

Theme:            Drama skit speaks of who we are and want to be, but sometimes even Christians display attitudes for which they are ashamed. This often comes from living in worldly conditions where the pressure is to conform. But the Bible tells us that we are not to conform but to be transformed.


Bible Reference:          Romans 12:2


Cast:                11, all except God may be male or female
Angel (smaller person)
9 characters (number may be reduced)


Set, Sound, Lighting:  standard, (spotlight would be useful)


Costumes:       God & Angel dressed in white robe (with hood and netting to hide face)
Other characters wear regular clothing


Props:              Two Olympic type medals on lanyards for each actor. One set of medals says “FORGIVEN”. The other set has the following on “FRONT” / “BACK”


Special Instructions:    each actor in sequence comes onstage, stand in straight line.
All wear a medal on a lanyard, much like Olympic medals, with their positive message on one side, negative message on the other, (hidden at the beginning).
Each actor comes onstage smiling, proud of their positive gift, speaks of it in monologue, but then admits there are times when they fail. This makes them sad, they show regret, look down, freeze, next actor comes on, does the same as above.
After the final actor has performed Satan comes on stage, deviously, cackling, turns each medal over to show the negative, rejoices, moves on to next, same.
After last award turned to negative, Satan does a dance, celebrating.
God and angel come on stage from the opposite side to which Satan stands, stares at Satan, points, gesturing Satan to leave, Satan resists, God says, “Go!” twice, then loud voice God says, “GO!” Satan backs a step, falls over, crawls offstage.
God moves to each actor, actor removes medal, lays at feet.
Angel, (carefully), holds the tray of Forgiven medals, God puts them on actor’s neck, touches actor’s shoulder in congratulation, moves to the next actor.


Time:               9 minutes


Sample of script:


CALM   -  ANXIOUS segment


Calm comes onstage


Calm:               What a beautiful day, sun shining, gentle breeze, hardly a cloud in the sky!
Pleasure to be alive, enjoying this great world God made!
God knew the things that would bring me calmness, He arranged them to settle my mind, to bring me pleasure. (Big stretch, big smile, looks up)
Like I say . . . not a cloud in the sky . ..
Well, except in the west, a kinda dark cloud, bad storms come from the west. . .  And wind for sure picking up a little. A bit worrisome, that. . . 
All we need is another storm like last year.
Have to admit, I am some concerned, anxious.
Sorry, I know I shouldn’t say that, but . . .


Calm, anxious look, looks down, freezes




Peace comes on stage, stands beside Calm


Peace:              All is good in the world, know what I mean?  Everyone friendly, happy, working so well together, all at peace! (pauses, frowns)
Well . .  except a ton of conflict in the world. . . Nice we live in a country where we don’t see that sorta thing.
Well . . mostly. . Except crime, gun violence. . Murders, abuse . . . conflict!
But that doesn’t impact my life . . .
Except I wonder what my friend meant when she shouted at me last night?
Wait . . . Why did I say that?


Peace, anxious look, looks down, freezes




Harmony comes onstage, stands beside Peace


Harmony:        Just thinkin’ . . . Amazing the great friends God has provided!
Was counting up all the good friends I have, living in harmony!
I got so many friends, I never got to them all . . . Like Jimmy, Susan, Ralph, Chris, Tara, Edie, and . .. (pauses, thinks, frowns)
You know, I wonder what Edie meant when she said she couldn’t come to my party next Friday. . .  I’m gonna have to watch out for Edie. (pause) I mean . .


Harmony, anxious look, looks down, freezes




Joy comes skipping onstage, stands beside Harmony


Joy:                 Never in my life have I been this happy . . . I mean, what is there to be sad about?
God has blessed me, giving me all the wonderful things.
I can’t even think of one single thing that could bring me more joy!
(pauses, smiles)
Well, except if I had like fifty million dollars . . .
Just kidding! . . . It was a joke, OK?
But . . think what I could do with all that money! . .  All the people I could help!
A bit of a downer you know, not being rich. (pause, thinks)
Sorry, that was wrong of me.

Joy, anxious look, looks down, freezes

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