The Honor Of Wanting To Quit

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 19:41

Message:         Even Jesus wanted to quit at times, there is nothing wrong in considering quitting, providing the reason and the goal is right.


Bible Reference:         Luke 19:41


Cast:               2, man and woman


Set:                  Breakfast table with dishes, chairs


Lighting & Sound:   standard


Time:              10 minutes


Sample of script:


Joan is preparing breakfast, after a short time Frank comes on stage, yawning, stretching, paying no attention to Joan, picks up newspaper and reads it

Joan looks at Frank, frowns, unhappy


Joan:                Yes, Frank, I agree, it is a simply gorgeous morning.


Frank mutters something unintelligible, doesn’t put paper down

Joan looks at Frank in disgust, shakes her head, pours herself coffee, sits down

Joan looks around, more angry by the minute


Joan:                Yes Frank, I had an absolutely wonderful night, thank you so much for asking.


again no reaction from Frank other than mumbling, Joan now is furious


Joan:                Frank, would it be too much to ask that you at least speak to me?


Frank, lowers paper a little, peers over top:
Wha. . .  what is it dear?


Joan:                What is it?  Is it possible to at least get some semblance of awareness that I am sharing this house with you?


Frank:              Sorry hon, I was just reading about the Branchcom merger here, they are trying to . . .


Joan:                Honestly Frank, I could not care less whether Branchcom merged or dropped off the face of the earth.


Frank:              Considering the fact that over half of our investments and our tomorrows are tied up in Branchcom I suggest you just may want to get concerned!


Joan:                Tomorrows?  What’s tomorrow?  For that matter, what’s today?


Frank:              You are in some kind of funk?  What’s the problem?


Joan:                The problem?  Frank, we are the problem.


Frank:              Care to elaborate?


Joan:                Elaborate?  To elaborate we need to use words, and Frank, lately the only words between us are when we are fighting.


Frank:              I see, so we are fighting now?


Joan:                Don’t treat me like one of your employees Frank.  In case you have forgotten I am your wife.


Frank:              Well, that being the case Joan, that would then make me your husband, wouldn’t it?  So perhaps you may want to treat me like your husband.


Joan:                That would be much easier if you were around from time to time.  Or if you spoke to me, even looked at me when we are together.


Frank:              What are you trying to say Joan?


Joan, crying:    I am saying that I simply don’t care any more!

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