Now Listen Here

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: James 1:19

how parents listen to children, are we preoccupied, they need our attention, we need to show love regardless of the situation.

Cast: Mom, Dad and 2 teenage children

Sample of script:

Peter comes on stage, Father is sitting in easy chair with newspaper held so that we never see his face, Mother has back to audience as she works at the kitchen counter.
Peter: Hi Mom, Dad. I had a purely awesome day at school! Just wait ‘til I tell you guys . . . First there was this . . .
Dad: Did you close the door, no need to run the air conditioner just to cool the great outdoors. See here, another increase in electrical costs, just what I needed!
Mom: Peter, did you wash your hands?
Peter: Yep, door’s closed, I’ll wash my hands in just a minute, but I ran all the way home from school, just bursting to tell you the good news about . . .
Mom: First things first, young man! Now you march straight into the bathroom and clean up. Dinner will be in less than 20 minutes, I am not about to slave all day over this soufflé just to have you late for your meal.
Peter walks over to Mom, reaches to touch her
Peter: Mom, I am so excited! You know how hard I have been trying to make the team and . . .
Mom: Peter! I am covered with flour, you will have it all over the floor. You simply will not be satisfied until my meal is ruined, will you? Now stand back please!
Peter: But Mom, I have this really great news, you will be sooo proud of me, I . .
Dad: I believe you heard your mother, now not another word!
Peter: Dad, remember how I told you that the coach said if I worked at it I might make the team as pitcher . . .
Dad: Later, Peter, I just got home from the plant, a really hectic day, I’m bushed. Maybe after supper, right now I just gotta veg out, read the paper. See here, the Blue Jays swept the series with Colorado. If only they had some pitching they just might be able to . . .
Peter: That’s what I want to talk to you about, I . . . . .
Mom: Young man, you are wearing on my nerves. It has not been an easy day for me, your grandmother called, as usual she had to mention how wonderful things were with my sister’s children. (mimics) “Did you know that Mary’s little Rachel has been selected to perform at the Nationals in Denver next month?” “Oh, and did you know Mary’s son James took first place in the Junior Achievement competition in Seattle?” I tell you, it’s as if my sister’s kids can walk on water! You know, with the way I slave for my children the least that you could do is do something, anything that I could brag about to my mother!
Peter: Mom, I am trying to tell you, you will be so proud of me, I . . . . .
Dad: Yes, we will be proud of you, after you wash your hands! As in NOW!
Peter: Oh, OK, fine, I will go, no one really cares what happens in my life anyhow
!Peter walks off stage as Mom talks
Mom: Now see hear young man, I shall have you know that I try very hard to be a good mother to you, but I expect some cooperation at mealtime. Bill, are you just going to sit there and do nothing? You really have no idea what I go through here all day do you?
Dad: Now you listen to me Martha, you want to talk hard days? I have been through the wringer today, I’ll tell you! That new foreman, Gruesome Greg, he has come on the scene seems like with a plan to turn the whole plant upside down, some of the wildest ideas I have ever . . .
Mom: Bill, not now please, I am, counting out the ingredients for this cake, last thing I need is a disaster. Now where was I?

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