• Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Peter 1:3
As Christians we need to see in other people the image of one for whom Christ died, and this extends even to those who we would consider as enemies and persecutors, . . . sometimes even people we might think of as . . . . jerks. And the most important relationship we have is with God. The need for love, loyalty and mercy in relationships.

Sample of script:

Tony is on stage sitting on a chair, as if in a trance, Jessie comes on stage, looking at Tony
Jessie: Uhhhhhh, hi, Tony, you sleeping?
Tony: Nope.
Jessie: You not feeling well?
Tony: Feeling great actually.
Jessie: You sure, you aren’t moving, not smiling, just sitting there.
Tony: Exactly.
Jessie: So, sitting there with a blank expression is a good thing?
Tony: None better.
Jessie: That’s good. . . . . I . . .think.
Tony: Like I said, none better.
Jessie: Mind telling me, like, just exactly what are you doing here?
Tony: Considering relationships.
Jessie: Relationships?
Tony: Yep.
Jessie: Relationships with who exactly? Looks like you are all alone here.
Tony: Relationship with myself.
Jessie: Let me get this straight Tony . . . you are having a relationship with yourself?
Tony: Exactly. I had a relationship with Donnie but that was a disaster! So, I decided, I’m just gonna have a relationship with myself.
Jessie: I thought Donnie and you were best friends.
Tony: I thought so too, but, nope! So anyhow, I am sitting here having a relationship with myself.
Jessie: Actually a relationship is usually always between two or more people.

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