Right Where You Are

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:7

A sweet and tender Church drama skit about serving where God has placed you, he has a purpose for your life.
Uncle Charlie has spent a lifetime praying that he might be a missionary, doing the important things in spreading the word of God. But he learns that serving right at home, telling young people the story of God's love, even fixing little shoes, can make a big difference in the kingdom of God.Good for any time of year including Valentines

Four including off-stage voice of God
Charlie: older man, shoemaker
Jimmy: a young boy 6 – 10 years of age
Becky: late teen to twenties
Note all except God could be either male or female

Sample of script:

as lights come up Charlie is reading a letter

Charlie: A final defeat, that’s what it is! waves papers Right here! See this? (reads) “We regret to inform you that unfortunately, due to your advanced age . . .” “Advanced age?” I will show you advanced age! A conspiracy, that’s what it is! looks upward, tearful Why Lord? You know all I ever wanted was to see you, to serve you. But not one single time, in my fifty-seven years on this earth, have you shown yourself to me, allowed me to be your foot-servant. Foot-servant! Feet! That is the sum total of my existence! A mindless existence making mindless coverings to keep the sweet-smelling feet of the privileged from feeling cold, or pain, or sharp objects, or discomfort. A shoemaker. A cobbler. Is that all that they can place on my tombstone?
contemptuously A shoemaker. A cobbler! Better being a criminal, seems like. At least that’s a something to claim on a life worth living!
Jimmy comes on stage
Jimmy: Hi Uncle Charlie!
Charlie: How many times must I explain to all of you in this town, I am not your uncle, I am not in any way related to anyone in this nondescript village!
Jimmy: Don’t be silly Uncle Charlie, you are everybody’s Uncle Charlie.
Charlie: Listen to me very carefully boy! I do not wish to be everyone’s Uncle Charlie, do you not understand that, boy?
Jimmy: Sure Uncle Charlie, whatever you say. I just wanted to say thanks for fixing my shoes Uncle Charlie.
Charlie: Look, don’t be bringing those shoes back next time you wear a hole in them, you hear?
Jimmy: What’s wrong Uncle Charlie, you seem kinda grumpy. Not like you to be grumpy Uncle Charlie. I know, how about a big hug Uncle Charlie?
Jimmy hugs Charlie’s leg, Charlie tries to be upset, a slow smile comes on his face, he ruffles Jimmy’s hair
Jimmy: There, that feels better, doesn’t it, Uncle Charlie?
Charlie: Well, yeah, guess it does, it’s just that, . . . oh come over here let me hug ya Jimmy!
Jimmy: Wanna tell me what’s wrong Uncle Charlie?
Charlie: Oh you wouldn’t understand Jimmy, it’s just that grownups they run into problems seems like. Do both me and you a favour Jimmy, just stay little and young and unbedazzled.
Jimmy: What’s unbedazzled Uncle Charlie?
Charlie: Oh Jimmy, you’re just little, you wouldn’t understand, it’s . . .
Jimmy: I know Uncle Charlie, I know I am just little and don’t understand, but that’s why God sent me you Uncle Charlie, to tell me all these things. I mean, me not havin’ a dad and all, I mean, what would I do without havin’ you Uncle Charlie?
Charlie: But you don’t understand Jimmy, see it’s, I wasn’t supposed to be a shoe maker, I was . . .
Jimmy: What time is it Uncle Charlie?
Charlie: What’s that, . . . oh . . . (looks at his watch) . . . it’s just about two-thirty and like I was sayin’ I . . . .

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