Singularly Happy

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:11
Being single in a couples world isn't easy. However with God already having things planned for us, why would we waste time worrying about it? Being alone, single, believing that God has a plan for your life. We must be open and listen and trust.

Key words: single God’s timing lonely

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Dennis is sitting on the floor at center stage. Cheryl enters stage right.

Cheryl:Hi Dennis! What are you doing?

Dennis, very depressed: Huh? Oh, hi Cheryl. (Looks at his watch.) It’s about 4:30, but then again, I don’t have someone else to verify that.

Cheryl: What? What are you talking about?

Dennis:I mean, I would have thought that apartment was just right, except for the fact that it was called a (emphasizing) bachelor’s suite! (Bursts into tears.)

Cheryl:Dennis, what is going on? You aren’t making any sense at all!

Dennis, looking up at Cheryl and smiling: Has anyone ever told you that your sweater really brings out the red in your eyes?

Cheryl, annoyed: Pardon me?

Dennis, frustrated: Oh, forget it! There is no use!

Cheryl: Could we start this whole conversation over again? Cause you lost me before I even got here!

Dennis: Cheryl, is it me? (Standing nose-to-nose with Cheryl.) What’s wrong with me? (Still standing nose-to-nose, but getting more loud.) Is it my hair? I’ve dyed it four different colours in one month trying to find what women liked! Is it my car? I thought women loved vintage vehicles!

Cheryl: Vintage? You drive a 1979 Chevette!

Dennis: Would you stay with me please? I am trying to find out (nose-to-nose again) what is wrong with me?

Cheryl, still nose-to-nose and very calm: Well, Dennis, this is just a thought from way out there, but dear, (abruptly yelling into his face), you’re talking too close!

Dennis: If you really feel this is a time to joke, then you can go right ahead. No problem! I just thought you might be a little concerned for your friends’ future, that’s all.

Cheryl: Wait a minute. Are you talking about the fact that you are . . . . , well you know . . . . , single?

As Cheryl says ‘single’, Dennis falls to the ground as if he has been shot.

Dennis, writhing on the floor: You had to say it, didn’t you! Don’t you know how much that hurts?

Cheryl: What? You’re being ridiculous!

Dennis, standing up: Oh am I? Aren’t you just a little bit concerned that you too may never find someone?

Cheryl: What do you mean?

Dennis: Cheryl, darling, come on! I mean that the train that once carried youth is leaving the station and you are not on it!

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