The Good Mime

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Leviticus 19:18

Love your neighbour
Staging Information
Illusion: suitcase, slips and trips, mime walk
Cast: 4 mimes
Mime A places prized objects into a suitcase. You can pull off a ring, shine it and place it in the suitcase. You can also simply pick up an object, shine it, smile and admire it, and place it in the suitcase. Be sure to place many objects into the case.
As Mime A begins to walk (mime walk), Mime B turns and sees Mime A approaching. B hurries to peel and eat a banana. B places the peel on the ground and sneaks off to hide. A moves from a mime walk to a real walk and walks over the banana peel, slips, and falls onto the ground. A is sprawled on the floor.
Mime B re-enters and quickly begins picking up a few objects that have flown from B’s clothing when B fell. Mime A greedily but nervously collects these items and puts them into the suitcase. Mime B continues to look from side to side and then suddenly leaves. It is important that B be nervous and take only a few objects. When B approaches the open suitcase, B should look around and see all the items on the floor and begin putting them into the suitcase. The mime should see many more before running offstage.
Mime C enters taking small steps and is in prayer looking heavenward. When C is beside A, the mime trips. C looks down and picks up a small object. Mime C then looks down and sees A. C pokes A’s tummy with one finger. A is motionless. C places the found object on A’s tummy and leaves.
Carrying his/her own suitcase, Mime D enters chewing gum and swaggering. D sees A. D opens his/her suitcase and puts a few select items from his/her suitcase in his/her pockets. It should be clear that a few prized objects are put back into the suitcase. Then, the mime places the object that Mime C put on A’s tummy and a few of the remaining objects from the floor into the suitcase. D helps A to a seated position. A slowly awakens. A is helped to his/her feet. D offers the suitcase to AA declines. D reaffirms and A takes the suitcase. A and D hug and go offstage in separate directions.
Verbal ending: When we can recognize and act upon the need around us we are truly living out God’s call to "love your neighbor as yourself."

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