Follow The Directions

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes

Love Is Spelled 'Obedience'. The importance of following God's directions, as shown in the Bible. We tend to want to "do our own thing", we don't need the instructions! Or until we get ourselves in too deep. Is that the way we are with reading and obeying the Word?
This Christian monologue skit can involve an actor of any age, dressed in regular clothing. S/he is sitting at a table, building a model of some kind, (doesn’t matter what exactly), so s/he would need some ”token” props. A bottle of glue, some small pieces of wood, popsicle sticks would work. The props should be small enough that they don’t hide the actor, but should also be large enough that the audience can see what s/he is doing.

Sample of script:

Scene opens to show the actor sitting at the table, obviously frustrated with what s/he is trying to build.
(Throwing something down to the table in frustration.) This is ridiculous! I’ll never be able to build this model! Why did I ever think I could get into this? (Thinking.) Probably because I’ve always wanted to get into model building, I suppose. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve always wanted to do this!
Some people think that it’s a silly thing to get into. But I don’t! I think model building is so exciting! You are creating something entirely on your own – with no one’s help at all! (Looking down on the table at her ‘mess’, and getting upset.) But sometimes, it doesn’t seem to go according to plan!
I don’t understand it – I’ve built models before, I’m not sure why this one is giving me trouble! I started off with the base and then built up from there, but this one just isn’t working. This is how I’ve always done it!
Well, (stands up and starts to clean up), I guess there’s not much use for this one anymore. I may as well just pack things up. (As she is packing up her supplies, she comes across a piece of paper.) What’s this? (Pauses.) Oh, these! I never use these. These are the directions for how to build this model. Directions are a waste of time. The real joy is figuring it out your own way, not just doing what some else tells you to do! Well, these are of no use to me. (She stuffs them in her pocket.) I build my own way! (Looks at mess on table.) But then again, my own way hasn’t been real successful!
(Takes directions out of her pocket.) Maybe I should take a peek at the directions.

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