Knowing The Hope

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 12 minutes


Knowing in what to place your hope, unfailing faith in unthinkable circumstances.  Weight control, exercise.


Bible Reference:
Mark 11:22, Psalm 42:5, 1 Corinthians 15:19


Cast:                2 female


Set:                  none


Lighting, sound:


Costumes:       exercise clothing

Time:               12 minutes


Sample of script:             


1 comes on stage wearing workout clothing, flexing fingers, after a short time 2 comes on stage, watches 1


2:                     Excuse me, are you OK?


1 looks at 2, annoyed, looks away, continues flexing fingers


2:                     Can I help?  Are you having hand cramps?


1, frowns:        No!  I will have you know that I am on the CTS program!


1 ignores 2, continues flexing fingers


2:                     I am so sorry, that is such a painful situation.


1:                     Painful?  What do you mean painful?


2:                     CTS.


1:                     How do you figure that CTS would be painful?  CTS is a solution, not a situation.


2:                     A solution?  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a solution,  . .  for what exactly?


1, disbelief:      Who said anything about carpal tunnel syndrome, where did that idea come from?


2:                     From you.  You said you had CTS.


1:                     Hello!  I said I was doing it, not having it!  How are you supposed to “have” Carbohydrate Trimming Solution? 


2, confused:     “Carbohydrate Trimming Solution”?  What exactly is Carbohydrate Trimming Solution?


1, annoyed, sticks fingers in 2’ face, flexes:    
Duh!  Carbohydrate Trimming Solution!  OK now, look, I have to get back to my exercise program.


2, confused:     Exercise program?


1, annoyed, sticks fingers in 2’ face, flexes:    
Yes!  Exercise program!  I am confident that the CTS Carbohydrate Trimming Solution will help me lose 40 lbs by the end of the week.


2, disbelief:      You seriously believe that you will lose 40 lbs in a week by .  .  wiggling your fingers?


1:                     Noooo!  Anyone would know that just flexing fingers isn’t enough!  I am flexing my toes too, you just can’t see because of my new Nike Exerciser Movers.


2:                     Nike Exerciser Movers?


1, looks at 2, rolls eyes:          
Runners!  Really, amateurs!


2:                     Sorry, I just can’t see how you could hope to lose 40 lbs by wiggling your fingers and toes.  I mean, don’t you need to do like real exercises, like jog, lift weights, stretching exercises, things like that?


1:                     I tried those but they were really hard, so I opted for the FE option.


2:                     Do I dare ask what the FE option might be?


1:                     FE.  The Flex Extremities Option.  (flexes fingers)  Flex fingers  . . (looks down at toes)  and . . .


2:                     Don’t tell me . .  toes.


1:                     Exactly!  There are all kinds of options available to the conscientious weight control advocate . . . 

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