Getting To Know You

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: James 5:16
A short three scene drama all about getting involvement in womens groups , praying, supporting and encouraging one another. A comedy with a message.

This drama works in three scenes. Each scene is set up with two ladies, sitting on chairs, side-by-side. A spot light for each scene would be ideal, however it can work without special lighting.

There are six female actors and one female voice over. Everyday costumes for the actors would be all that is necessary.

Sample of script:

First scene opens as spotlight comes up on Mildred and Joanne.

Mildred Oh, Joanne, (emphasizing) daaaaling! How ever have you been? I had heard that you have been quite ill for over a month!

Joanne You didn’t hear, Mildred? (Disappointed.) I’ve been away in Africa for 6 weeks!

Mildred Africa? Six weeks, you say! Well, (laughing, embarrassed), well, I guess I didn’t get my facts from a reliable source!

Joanne No, I guess you didn’t. Seems like we haven’t really kept in touch that well!

Spot light goes off as Mildred and Joanne freeze, then comes up on Rhonda and Bev. They are sitting side-by-side, but not really acknowledging each other

.(Rhonda picks up her purse and starts to rifle through. As she is rummaging, a book falls out. Bev picks it up and looks at the cover.)

Bev (Reads the cover out loud.) Spray-painting chimneys 101. Is this your book?

Rhonda (Obviously embarrassed, quickly grabs the book and puts it back in her purse.) What? Oh, no! I’m just . . . holding it for someone.

Bev (Disappointed.) Oh, I thought that I actually found someone else who loved chimney spray-painting.

Rhonda You mean you like to spray-paint chimneys?

Bev Well of course! It is a rather odd hobby, but I love it!

Rhonda (Excited.) Me too! I was so embarrassed to tell anyone because it is such a strange thing to be interested in!

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