Mirror, Magnify & Multiply

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2:30

Game show comedy shows right and wrong ways of reflecting the commands of God, the love of God and leading others to His life-saving message of salvation.

Melanie Birney of Beaumontt, CA purchased this script, she reported:

Thank you so much for your scripts! Our ladies LOVED the fellowship & ministry our acting practice offered. And the audience reception at our retreat was FANTASTIC! We even had both pastors wives performing with us. Such a special bonding time for us all. I hope to send a sm video clip if you are interested? Thank you again for your ministry. We are excited planning ahead for future dramas to share!

Cast: 5
Sandy Beach - Mistress of Ceremonies (friendly, outgoing & upbeat)
MaryLee Rollalong - Contestant #1 (self-absorbed, silly)
Iva Gotnomanners - Contestant #2 (southern accent, rough around the edges)
Sheila Isoclueless - Contestant #3 (doesn’t have a clue what’s going on!)
Maggie FyHisname - Audience member (humble and soft-spoken)

Set: Scene is the set of a game show. Three ladies are seated next to each other, very excited and enthusiastic to be there. Master of Ceremonies is welcoming them as scene opens…

Sample of script:

MC: Good evening and welcome to another edition of “Reflecting the Father!” I’m your Mistress of Ceremonies, Sandy Beach!
(game show music swells in the background, audience is encouraged to applaud and cheer)
MC: For those of you new to our viewing audience, the goal in “Reflecting the Father” is all about reflecting the commands of God, the love of God and leading others to His life-saving message of salvation!
Today’s theme is “Mirror, Magnify and Multiply!” And now, let’s meet today’s contestants!
Contestant #1 hails from beautiful Westfield, Massachusetts! She sings in the Church Choir and is active in the Women’s Ministry. Her hobbies are lure-fishing and cattle roping!
Please give a warm welcome to MaryLee Rollalong!!!!
(audience applauds, she acknowledges applause, very giddy and silly)
And now, Contestant #2 also hails from Westfield, Massachusetts! She’s the driving force in her church’s women’s ministry. She loves music and praising the Lord! Her hobbies are gum-chewing and goat-tending! Let’s say hello to Iva Gotnomanners!
(audience applauds, acknowledges applause as she chews gum loudly, kind of down-home “Texas” kind of gal!)
And, last but not least, Contestant #3 comes to us from beautiful Springfield, Massachusetts. She’s a homemaker with two small children. She teaches Sunday School and has a ministry of encouragement to other young mothers in her church. Her hobbies are cat wrestling and yarn dying! Please help me give a big “Reflections” welcome to: Sheila Isoclueless!
(audience applauds, she acknowledges with a kind of “goofy” presence, not stupid, just a little thick?)
. Well now, let’s get on with the show. As I told you earlier, the theme of today’s show is “Mirror, Magnify and Multiply!” I wonder what that has to do with reflecting God’s love ladies? Oh, I almost forgot to tell the audience, one of the rules to playing this game is that each contestant is required to bring a bag, sort of a mystery bag, you know? They can put whatever they want in it to help them answer the questions asked of them on our show. Are you ready ladies? (contestants answer enthusiastically!!!!!) Okay, this first question if for Contestant #1 :
MaryLee: Huh? Oh, is it my turn? (giggling, silly)
MC: Yes Mary, you are Contestant #1 aren’t you?
MaryLee: (giggles) Yes I am! (giggles constantly….) That’s me, Contestant #1, that’s right!
(turns straight-faced and says…) Could you repeat the question?
MC: Uh, sure….if you were in a crowded room, surrounded by people who had no clue about God or his love, how would you “mirror” His love so others could see Him in you?

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