Loving Like Christ

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Romans 13:8-10

Loving like Christ loves. A women's group learns that there is legalism and there is a loving attitude, and how the lack of love in how we treat others can cause such pain.
Four speaking parts and any number of optional non-speaking actors

Theme:            Loving like Christ loves. A women’s group learns that there is legalism and there is a loving attitude, and how the lack of love in how we treat others can cause such pain.


Bible Reference:          Romans 13:8-10


Cast:                4
all female, Betty is older than the rest
if available, have more females for non-speaking roles


Set:                  A meeting with a table and a few chairs


Costumes, lighting:     standard


Sound:            sound of cell phone ringing


Props:             papers and large notebook, cell phone


Special instructions:   
Each time Betty says “Love you Jesus” Eileen gets increasingly concerned about what is going on


Time:               15


Sample of script:


ladies are sitting around, chatting, Betty and Eileen are at the front

after a few seconds Betty looks at her watch, talks to Eileen


Betty:              Eileen, dear, it is time.


Eileen:             Time, time for what Betty?


Betty:              My watch shows precisely seven o’clock. Unless there has been a change of which I am unaware, it is time to begin our meeting. And, as recording secretary of the Friday Evening Missionary Outreach Women’s Support Group meeting, I know that is not the case.


Eileen:             Yes Betty, but I notice that some of the ladies are not here yet, so I thought we would just wait a sec for them.


Betty:              Not a good thing, Eileen. I know your heart is in the right place but . .  you will soon learn that if you do it once, well, . .  . all I can say is, it's a slippery slope.


Betty pulls large notebook out of her bag, quickly writes some notes, looks up, speaks


Betty:              Love you Jesus!


Eileen looks at Betty, a confused look, then sees Amanda come on stage, Amanda is wearing a short skirt


Eileen:             Ahhh, here is Amanda now.


Betty:              So it is, poor dear. Interesting outfit she is wearing!


Betty writes some notes in her notebook


Betty:              Love you Jesus.


Eileen is even more confused, but waves to Amanda


Eileen:             Hi Amanda, welcome.


Donna comes on stage, approaches Eileen, hugs her, Eileen looks on disapprovingly


Donna:            Eileen, thanks for waiting for me, hubby was a little late getting home from work. Since we had to sell our second car it makes juggling rides very difficult.


as Donna takes her seat Betty writes notes in notebook, Betty again looks confused, but refocuses


Eileen:             Good evening ladies, welcome to our Friday Evening Missionary Outreach meeting.


Betty, raises her hand:           

Eileen:             Yes, Betty, you wanted to make a comment?


Betty:              Madam President, on a point of order, if I may. A small thing perhaps dear, but we should refer to our activity as the Friday Evening Missionary Outreach Women’s Support Group meeting.


Eileen, confused:        
But, that is what I said . . .

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