Forgiveness - Receiving

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.John 1:9
First in a three part series on forgiveness, originally written in French by the author Chantal Bilodeau Legendre. This series uses real life issues and struggles in the areas of child rearing (with a demanding child), dealing with overweight problems, etc. These are common to all, and are told in a very forthright manner.
The following is comments from the author:
I wrote the following skits for a women’s retreat a couple of years ago. I was the speaker, and I also played Janet’s part.
As you will see, these skits are “instructional”, as I wanted to deliver some teachings through drama. I believe that drama is an excellent means to teach in a non-threatening way. Presenting the touchy subjects of overweight, bitterness or anger towards a spouse or a mother, etc. in a “dramatic” way makes the audience more receptive.
Note about Florence:
Florence talks about her struggles with her weight. I created this character with the help of the dear friend of mine who played this role. My friend still has weight to lose, but she has a wonderful self-image – and obviously an even more wonderful image of God… She is not self-conscious, but God-conscious, and irradiates his love. I am fully aware that finding a woman to play such a role appropriately might be a challenge.
Part 1 served as an introduction to the first conference, Receiving God’s Forgiveness. (DramaShare Script “Forgiveness – Receiving”) Janet needs forgiveness
Part 2 served as an introduction to the second conference, Granting Forgiveness. (DramaShare Script “Forgiveness – Granting”)
Part 3 served as the conclusion of the third conference, Asking for forgiveness. (DramaShare Script “Forgiveness – Asking”)

Cast: 2
Janet, a young mother
Florence, Janet’s dear friend

Set, lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Props: table, chair, rocking chair, laundry basket with laundry, doll wrapped in a blanket, little crib, phone, book, two glasses of orange juice, purse-sized Bible

Sample of Script:

Janet is folding laundry at the table. We hear a baby crying. Janet is extremely impatient – and tired. (May not be necessary to hear the baby’s cries: the acting could convey the idea.)

Janet: Are you gonna stop crying? I put you down a half hour ago! Shut up now!!! (Baby cries some more.) SLEEP!!! (Janet drops a piece of cloth on the table, takes Emma out of her crib, shakes her, talks harshly to her, almost yelling.) Can’t you see I’m sick and tired of hearing you cry? Can’t you see I’m sick and tired of putting you down, picking you up and putting you down again? Can’t you??? It’s NAPTIME, for land’s sake! And I want some quiet! Get it?? (Pause. Janet is starting to realize what’s happening. She takes a deep breath and goes to the rocking chair. She starts rocking her baby. Now it is she who is crying.) Oooh, Emma, my little Emma, please forgive me! I’m not a good Mommy, am I? Please forgive me… I don’t want to make you cry even more… How can you understand? You’re only three months old, poor little thing! Lord! What am I doing to my daughter? I am hurting her so much! Please forgive me, Lord! (Pause.) It seems that for the last couple weeks I’ve been doing only that: asking you to forgive me and apologizing to Emma!... (Pause.) I am tired, Lord… so tired. (She rocks Emma for a few moments. Phone rings. She gets up slowly, holding Emma. She takes her time, as if wondering if she should pick up the phone at all. She finally does, and manages to answer with a low tone of voice.)

Florence: Hi Janet, Florence speaking! How’re you doing?

Janet: Hem… Fine…

Florence : Am I disturbing you?

Janet : Hem… no. I was just rocking Emma.

Florence : Listen, darling : I took a day off and I would like to stop by and give you back the book you lent me last week-end. I just loved it!

Janet : (Hesitantly.) Well, yes… you can stop by… When?

Florence : Right now! I’m in my car, right in front of your house!

Janet : (Discouraged.) Really? Well, come in… Florence : See you in a minute!
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