Forgiveness - Granting

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 4:31-32
Second in a three part series on forgiveness, originally written in French by the author Chantal Bilodeau Legendre. This series uses real life issues and struggles in the areas of child rearing (with a demanding child), dealing with overweight problems, etc. These are common to all, and are told in a very forthright manner.
The following is comments from the author:
I wrote the following skits for a women’s retreat a couple of years ago. I was the speaker, and I also played Janet’s part.
As you will see, these skits are “instructional”, as I wanted to deliver some teachings through drama. I believe that drama is an excellent means to teach in a non-threatening way. Presenting the touchy subjects of overweight, bitterness or anger towards a spouse or a mother, etc. in a “dramatic” way makes the audience more receptive.
Note about Florence:
Florence talks about her struggles with her weight. I created this character with the help of the dear friend of mine who played this role. My friend still has weight to lose, but she has a wonderful self-image – and obviously an even more wonderful image of God… She is not self-conscious, but God-conscious, and irradiates his love. I am fully aware that finding a woman to play such a role appropriately might be a challenge.
Part 1 served as an introduction to the first conference, Receiving God’s Forgiveness. (DramaShare Script “Forgiveness – Receiving”) Janet needs forgiveness
Part 2 served as an introduction to the second conference, Granting Forgiveness. (DramaShare Script “Forgiveness – Granting”) Janet needs to grant forgiveness
Part 3 served as the conclusion of the third conference, Asking for forgiveness. (DramaShare Script “Forgiveness – Asking”)

Cast: 2Janet, a young mother
Florence, Janet’s dear friend

Set: could be Florence’s living room, or a tea parlor

Lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Props: table, 2 chairs, tea pot, 2 cups

Florence is sitting on stage, stands when Janet comes on stage, takes her coat
Janet is full of contained anger, so she speaks about Donald (her husband) with a certain determination…

Sample of Script:

Janet: Hi, Florence!

Florence: I’m so happy you could go out tonight, darling! Is Donald home, or did you call in a babysitter?

Janet: Donald’s home. To be honest, he didn’t have much choice!

Florence: How come?

Janet: He got home at a quarter to seven. I already had my coat on! I told him: (In one single breath.) “Emma’s in bed, Vincent took a bath. There are leftovers in the fridge. I don’t know at what time I’ll be back. Bye!” And I left!

Florence: (Serving tea.) You didn’t!

Janet: I did too!

Florence: I guess he wasn’t very happy about that…

Janet: If I wait till he’s happy to take care of the kids, I’ll wait forever!
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