Women Reaching Out In Love

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 13:35
Three women are asked to play Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene for a women’s retreat. And each wants to play the mother of Jesus, because the other roles are perceived to be lesser, (or somewhat tainted), roles. But when the three characters are investigated a little more it becomes obvious that each of the “Marys” had an equally prominent and loving role with Jesus, with the other followers, and with each other.

Cast: 3 women, any age

Sample of script:

Monica comes on stage, looks around, looks at watch, frowns

Monica: Why is it that no one ever shows up on time at these church things? . . Shellie asked me to be here like . . (checks watch) . . . ten minutes ago! . .
(pause, think)
But it’s not like I was late . . I mean . . I was . . otherwise committed!

Teresa rushes on stage

Teresa: Oh hi Monica, I was supposed to meet Shellie here, have you seen her?

Monica, annoyed: No I have not seen Shellie, matter of fact! . . I was supposed to meet Shellie here. . and no sign of her yet . . and I have been waiting here like fifteen minutes!

Teresa, frowns: Really? . . So was I.

Monica: Well, see Shellie asked me to . . .

Lois rushes on stage

Lois: Oh hi girls . . Have you seen Shellie? . . I am late for a meeting with her.

Teresa: Seems like we all are meeting Shellie. . . and seems like she is late!

Monica: Well, like I was about to tell Teresa, Shellie asked me to play the part of Mary in our Ladies’ Time Out program next month.

Lois: Monica, I am confused . . . Shellie asked me to play the part of Mary. . .

Teresa: Well Lois, I can see where you are confused, fact is Shellie asked me to play the part of Mary.

Monica, makes time-out sign: OK, hold on here you two! . . There’s the three of us here, right . . . and obviously only one of us can be playing Mary, right?

Lois, leafing through script pages: Oh I get it! . . . See there are three Marys in this play.

Monica: Three Marys??? . . . In one play??? . . . Like how is that gonna happen?

Teresa: Talk about mass confusion, three Marys! I don’t think so!

Lois: No, see here, as well as Mary, the mother of Jesus, there is Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene.

Monica, looks through the script: Oh I get it! . . Three different Marys.

Teresa: OK, now that makes sense.

Lois: Yes, you girls will be playing Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene.

Teresa, confused: We will be?

Monica: And who will be playing Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Lois, shock: Well, I will be, who did you think would?

Monica: Well me for sure.

Lois, giggles: You, Monica Adams? . . . Mary, the mother of Jesus? . . . I don’t think so!

Teresa: Lois, and just what makes you think you would just naturally be Mary?

Lois: Well, after all, I am on the organizing committee of the Ladies Time Out program.

Monica: Along with seven other ladies, but that doesn’t make any of you Queen of England, let alone Mary the mother of Jesus in this play!

Teresa: I can not see how you two could miss the obvious, I am the natural Mary!

Lois: And just what makes that so obvious and natural Teresa?

Teresa: Look at my hair . . . I am blond!

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