Life Construction - Foundation

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 7:25
Three ladies are setting out to build a house, and they find that the most important component is one which isn’t even visible when the house is completed. This drama speaks of the importance of a firm foundation, and by reference talks of the importance of having the firm foundation of God in our lives.
A fun sketch with a strong message, great for women’s retreats of functions.
This sketch is one of a series of four in the “Life Construction” series, the others being:
Life Construction – Renovation
Life Construction – One Brick At A Time
Life Construction – Putting On Safety Equipment

Bible Reference: Matthew 7:25, Luke 6:48-49

3 women, any age
Julie, the more “all-together” construction worker
Veronica, not at all so much “all-together”
Marsha, the one who the other two play off

Set: bare, could have scaffolding to look like a construction job site

Costumes: actors dressed as construction workers

Props: house plans, hard hats, tool belts and other related props

Sample of script:

Julie comes on stage carrying building plans, examines plans, looks around
after a few seconds Veronica and Martha come on stage, talking

Martha: So my friend Doris she says, “What are you women thinking, expecting you can just go out and like build a house, no experience or anything?”

Veronica: Ya, a lot Doris knows, I mean she can’t even give a pedicure or anything!

Martha, confused: “Pedicure”?

Veronica: Yeh, pedicure, like . . nails . . in case you didn’t know, you use nails in building a house. . . I read that in Better Homes and Gardens! . . (looks at her nails, thinks) . . Not real sure how you use nails in building houses though actually.

Martha: Uhhhh, anyhow . . . (sees Julie) . . Oh look there’s Julie, hi Julie!

Julie: Hi Martha, Veronica.

Veronica: So Julie, all ready to start building the house?

Julie: Well, no, not ready to start yet. . . I was looking through the plans, trying to decide where to start.

Veronica: Plans?

Julie: Well, yes, I got these plans from the architect.

Veronica: Architect? . . . . What is an architect?

Julie: Well, an architect draws up plans for buildings.

Veronica: Likely you mean an artist Julie. . . It’s artists that draw stuff.

Julie, shows drawings to Veronica: No, see these are called architect’s drawings.

Veronica, looks at drawings: I have to say I prefer landscapes and mountains and animals in my drawings. Not to be negative Julie, but I can hardly make out what that is a drawing of . . . maybe the artist’s concept of geese flying in a thunder storm maybe.

Julie, getting annoyed: It is a house!

Veronica, looks at drawings, turns upside down, on side, thinks: Hey if you say so, I mean who am I to criticize somebody’s attempt at art?

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