Life Construction - Renovation

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2.Corinthians 5:17
Three ladies are setting out to renovate a house, and they find that before starting with the re-construction there is “de-construction” necessary, as old components are removed. This drama speaks of the importance of constant and continuing “upgrades” to our lives, allowing God to make the necessary changes.
A fun sketch with a strong message, great for women’s retreats of functions.
This sketch is one of a series of four in the “Life Construction” series, the others being:
Life Construction – Foundation
Life Construction – One Brick At A Time
Life Construction – Putting On Safety Equipment

Cast: 3 women, any age
Julie, the more “all-together” construction worker
Veronica, not at all so much “all-together”
Marsha, the one who the other two play off

Set: bare, could have scaffolding to look like a construction job site

Costumes: actors dressed as construction workers

Props: house plans, hard hats, tool belts and other related props

Sample of scripts

Martha is working around, Veronica and Julie come on stage

Martha: Hey Julie, Veronica, welcome to my humble under renovation home! . . Thanks for coming over!

Veronica: Always happy to help a friend Martha. . . besides you said you were gonna feed us.

Martha: Yup, I can do that!

Julie: You said you were gonna renovate, what kind of renovations and where?

Veronica: No matter, I brought along my 26 pound wrecking hammer, just stand back and let me go at it!

Martha: Whoa there Veronica, maybe just calm down a bit, I said renovation and not destruction.

Julie: What do you have in mind Martha?

Martha: Well, I want your suggestions Julie. I have never really been happy with my pantry; it’s small and not well planned.

Veronica: My pantry is like 75 feet long and 22 feet wide.

Julie: You are not serious Veronica!

Veronica: Never been more serious. One day when I first got married I went shopping and they were out of vinegar. . . I vowed I would never run out of any food ever again. . . . So, I needed more room. . . .

Martha: Well with 75 by 22 feet of storage you should have room all right . . Enough room for your whole neighbourhood.

Veronica: Do either of you girls know what the “BEST USED BEFORE” thingie on food means?

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