Life Construction - Brick At A Time

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Timothy 4:4
Three ladies are building a house, and they find that it isn’t an instant thing, we need to go one step at a time. And they also learn that our “construction” needs are supplied as we require them, (and can handle them). By working diligently under the supervision of the great “supplier” we will have things in order, and will have a great “reward” at the end of the “construction”.
A fun sketch with a strong message, great for women’s retreats of functions.
This sketch is one of a series of four in the “Life Construction” series, the others being:
Life Construction – Renovation
Life Construction – Foundation
Life Construction – Putting On Safety Equipment

Cast: 3 women, any age
Julie, the more “all-together” construction worker
Veronica, not at all so much “all-together”
Marsha, the one who the other two play off

Set: bare, could have scaffolding to look like a construction job site

Costumes: actors dressed as construction workers

Props: house plans, hard hats, tool belts and other related props

Sample of script:

Veronica is on stage reading a paper, looks around as though looking for something, shakes head, annoyed
after a few seconds Marsha and Julie come on stage

Marsha: Hey Veronica, did the lumber supply store deliver the materials for my house?

Veronica: Don’t even talk to me about those guys!

Marsha: What’s wrong, didn’t they come yet?

Veronica: Oh they came all right.

Marsha: Well, were the delivery guys nasty with you?

Veronica: No, the delivery guys were awesome, very accommodating. . . But I am sooooo mad!

Marsha: OK so if the lumber supply store came and they were nice people, then why are you so mad?

Veronica, shows Marsha the papers: Just look at what they brought . . like half of nothing is what!

Marsha and Julie read the papers

Julie: Looks to me as though we have all we need for the footings, and for the basement, and the sub-floor.

Marsha: Looks all complete too.

Veronica, shock: Complete? . . How can you call this complete? . . Where are the roof trusses? . . The wallboard? . . . All of the paint? . . The shingles? . . Complete? . . . I don’t think so Tim!

Marsha: “Tim”? . . . Ummm, it’s Marsha and this is Julie.

Julie: Marsha, I think likely Veronica was using the old line about Tim the Toolman Taylor from the old Home Improvements TV show. . . Anyhow, Veronica, the lumber supply store schedule deliveries based on what we need right now.

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