Life Construction - Safety Equipment

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:11
Three ladies are building a house, and they find that in order for wrkers to be protected on the job site they need to have the proper safety equipment such as hard hats, proper boots and scaffolding. You might say they need to “put on the proper safety equipment” or armor.
A fun sketch with a strong message, great for women’s retreats of functions.
This sketch is one of a series of four in the “Life Construction” series, the others being:
Life Construction – Renovation
Life Construction – Foundation
Life Construction – Brick At A Time

Cast: 3 women, any age
Julie, the more “all-together” construction worker
Veronica, not at all so much “all-together”
Marsha, the one who the other two play off

Set: bare, could have scaffolding to look like a construction job site

Sound: sound of hammers, saws

Costumes: actors dressed as construction workers

Props: house plans, hard hats, tool belts and other related props

Sample of script

bare stage, sounds of hammers, saws off stage

Veronica, screams: Ouch! . . Now that smarts!

Martha and Julie come running on stage, worried

Martha: Where are you Veronica, are you OK?

Veronica moans off stage

Julie: Veronica, where are you? . . What happened?

Veronica comes on stage moaning, holding her head with one hand and her behind with the other, Julie and Marsha rush to her

Julie: Are you OK Veronica?

Veronica: Does it look like I am OK? . . Half dead here is what!

Marsha: What happened to your head? . . And to your . . .

Veronica: I was putting up the soffit under the eaves and the ladder slipped and I fell, hit my head and my . . . pride.

Marsha: What were you using the ladder for? . . I thought we all agreed that we would use the scaffolding for all those jobs above our heads.

Veronica: Do you have any idea what a pain it is moving that scaffolding every few feet? . .
(Veronica moans louder, grabs her head)
That hurts like crazy!

Julie: You say it is a pain moving the scaffolding . . seems to me you’ve got even more pain from not using the scaffolding!

Marsha: And what about your hard hat, where is it?

Veronica: I am not about to wreck my new $60 hair style with a clunky old hard hat!

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