Love To The Extreme

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 13 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.John 4

A group of women discuss love between husband and wife and how that love seems to change throughout a marriage.
Suitable for women’s retreat or women’s conference.

Cast: 4 females, likely late 20’s or older
Laura, A Christian with a good marriage
Dee, Laura’s sister whose marriage is struggling
Donna, who believes love for her husband depends on what he gives her
Rhonda, whose marriage is in trouble

Sample of script:

Rhonda and Laura come on stage from different locations

Laura: Rhonda, hey, how are you?

Rhonda, shock: Uh, oh, Laura, hi.

Laura: Sorry Rhonda, I didn’t mean to scare you.

Rhonda: Oh it’s . . I was . . . I was a million miles away.

Laura: Well I hope it was somewhere warm and wonderful . .  Hawaii . . . or Bermuda.

Rhonda: Definitely Bermuda.  . . . How are you Laura?

Laura: Well, honestly, I am feeling a little sorry for myself. . . Bobby is out of town overnight and I miss him already.

Rhonda: Well Mark is in Chicago for the full week and I feel liberated. . . But all that said, I have tons of free time. Let’s go get us a coffee.

Laura: Sounds great Rhonda, I love my coffee fix.

Rhonda: When I was younger I dreamed of marrying Sylvester Stallone or Tom Cruise, now the only guy I dream of is Mr. Starbucks.

Laura: Thought you were gonna say Tim Horton.

Rhonda: Nah, didn’t you hear? Tim Horton is dead . . . . What am I saying, when Mark is watching football I often hold a mirror to his nostrils to see if he’s still breathing.

Laura: Your husband is out of town a lot, must be difficult for you, for both of you actually.

Rhonda: It’s OK, Mark feels guilty that he is away, makes him feel the need to bribe me with expensive gifts.

Laura: Oh Rhonda be serious, having Mark home would be far better than the best gift.

Rhonda: Depends on the gift.

Laura, laughs: Rhonda! . . . That’s terrible!

Rhonda, holds up left hand:
I don’t see a ten grand sparkler on your finger.

Dee and Donna come on stage

Dee: Hey Rhonda, love ya babe, thanks for the chocolates you left in my mailbox.

Rhonda: Well I figured you must be going into chocolate withdrawal by now, with your hubby away in Australia.

Laura: Aha, so Craig is your chocolate provider is he Dee?

Donna: So we have a chocolate addict in our midst?

Dee, fakes, giggles:
I am so ashamed!

Laura, hugs Dee:
My dear sister, poster girl for Toblerone. And what makes me so jealous of her is that she never shows a calorie. . . (kisses Dees cheek) . . But in spite of that, I do love you Sis!

Donna: Sisterly love . .  Touching. . . . Reminds me of my relationship with Sam . . . Not!

Laura: I am so sorry Donna . . . Things still tense between you and hubby?

Donna: I don’t need your sorrow Laura . . . things are what they are. . .  And things only get tense between two people when there is contact between them.

Laura: I can’t imagine how that must be . . .

Rhonda: Laura let me introduce you to facts . . . Fairy tale marriages like the one you and Bobby seem to have just aren’t normal, couples struggle, they fight, they make deals that help them muddle through, that’s just the way things are.

Laura: That’s just not true Rhonda, Bobby and I have to work at our marriage too, but one thing never has changed over the years, we respect and love each other.

Donna: Well I respect and love the money I get out of Sam, the nice house, the clothes, the sun and fun holidays. . . . in exchange for which I entertain his rich clients and am arm candy at his special events. . . . It is a great business arrangement.

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