My Month's Better Than Your Month

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 139:13

12 “months” are arguing over which is more special and why each one is better than the other. Finally the months realize they were all created by the same designer and that each one is very special in her own way.

Cast:              12 (for each month)


Set, Lighting, Sound: all standard


Costumes:     as desired, individual months could be dressed up in unique ways


Special Instructions:   This drama could be staged at any time of year, therefore the first character, (written as being January), would change to correspond to the month in which the drama is presented. Therefore roles will have to be adjusted for the opening portion of the drama.


Sample of script:           


all actors except January are on stage, chatting quietly, after a few seconds January comes on stage


January:          Hi all! . . . (coy) . . . Anyone know what day it is?


February:         Yeh, today’s (name of day).


January:          No, silly, I mean . . does anyone know what’s special about today?


March:             Yeh, today is my day off, I don’t have to go to work, I slept in this morning, it was like heaven!


January:          Oh you sillies, today is . . . my birthday!


April, unimpressed, in monotone:       
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to . .  yada yada yada. . . (yawns)


January:          January is such a wonderful time to have a birthday, Christmas rush is over, time to settle down and enjoy a birthday!


NOTE: The person delivering the lines above will change depending on the month in which this drama is presented. Replace the lines above with the appropriate one below if the drama is presented on a month other than January, after which proceed with the lines below


February:         February is the month of Valentines, what could be a better month to have a birthday than in the month of love?


March:             I don’t wish to be unfair to anyone else but in my mind I can’t think of a better month than March to have a birthday . . . spring is on it’s way . .


April:               To be born in April! . . Birds singing . .  . Flowers blooming . . . Looking forward to another super birthday!


May:                I just can’t imagine having a birthday in any month other than May . .  Lovely weather but not too hot . .


June, in kind of a singing delivery:      
June is such an  . .  extraordinary month that I just can’t help . . singing!


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