Give Me A G

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Revelation 17:14

There is a women’s function coming up and three ladies are doing some planning. That is to say two of the women are planning while one is . . . we aren’t sure just what she is doing.
A comedy skit, useful for women’s programs or at any time or situation.
Are we a fan or a follower of Jesus?

Bible Reference:         Revelations 17:14


Cast:              3 females
Melanie, (Texas accent)


Set:                blank


Lighting, Sound:         standard


Costumes:     Jessica and Andrea are in standard clothing, Melissa is dressed as a cheerleader


Props:            pompoms


Time:             10


Sample of script:           


Jessica and Andrea are on stage


Jessica:            So are you and Tom coming to the game on Saturday?


Andrea:           Think about it Jessica . . .  It’s the Ravens playing the Saints, even if Tom had two broken legs he would still be there.


Jessica:            I really have to give it to you Andrea, I know you don’t much like football but you are always there with Tom at all the games.


Andrea:           Football is a big thing to Tom, I need to enjoy what he enjoys. . .  Besides, sometimes the games are actually OK.


Jessica, chuckles:        
Not exactly a ringing endorsement for football, but sincere for sure.


Andrea:           Well for now I am concentrating on our Women’s Outreach banquet for next month, I am hoping we can attract some of the new ladies in our community.


Jessica:            Well where is everybody, you called this meeting for (checks watch) ten minutes ago.


Andrea:           A little disappointing, when I was calling around I got every excuse in the book.


noise offstage, Melanie runs on stage waving pom-poms, Jessica and Andrea are in shock


Melanie:           1, 2, 3, 4, who are we for?
2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?
Jeeee  .. susssssssssssss!


Jessica:            What . . . exactly . . . was . . .  that . . . Melanie?


Melanie:           Oh fer shore I got more!
(loud with pom-poms)
Give me a G
Give me an O
Give me a D
Yeah . . God!


Jessica:            What?


Melanie:           This here is a shore-fire way fer us to get all those there ladies together fer that there Wimmens shindig y’alls is a’plannin’ fer next month sweetie!


Jessica:            This . .  is?


Melanie:           Haul it ta the bank Missy, once’t wimmens git a gander at this here shore-fire publicity vee-hickle I dreamed up, why y’alls best just stand back outta the way on account’a there’s gonna be a stampede a’ wimmens just a’streamin’ inta yore shindig fer a fact!


Andrea:           That there  . . . what you did . . . is a publicity vee-hickle? . .  I mean . . vehicle?


Melanie:           Ain’t it fer shore the most sweetest thang y’alls ever did see sugar?


Andrea:           Well, it was . . .  kinda . . . like  . . . What did you think about it Jessica?


Jessica:            Well it was . .  that is to say . .  I thought it was . . as you said Andrea, it was , . kinda . .  like.


Melanie:           I kin fer shore tell that y’alls is speechless on account’a y’alls is jist so over the moon about this here publicity vee-hickle ‘a mine here!


Andrea:           Well yes, over the moon likely says it all but . .  it’s just that . . . we can’t use your idea in this particular gathering because . . .


Melanie:           Don’t y’alls say one more word! . . . I fer a fact know ‘xactly what y’alls are a’thinkin’ an’ I am here fer ta tell y’alls that there is no problem a-tall, no sirree!


Jessica:            Glad you see it that way Melanie, perhaps another time we can work with you to use some of your ideas. But for now . . .


Melanie:           Ain’t y’alls the sneaky ones! . .  I dee-clare! . . Bit like I say, I know why y’alls is kinda holdin’ back on yore enthusiasm fer my promotion vee-hickle is that y’alls are worried it might take up too much’a my time. . .  But I plan ta spend the entire time right up alongside’a yalls, closer than flies on last week’s trash, fer a fact!

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