Joy To The Bereaved

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 10:20

Theme:            It is Christmas, the time of “joy to the world” and yet there are those who will spend their first Christmas alone. And in those lives joy will be in very short supply.
What do we say to someone who has lost a life partner and face the despair of total aloneness at Christmas? And what does that hurting person say to his/herself? And how does he/she handle faith during this challenging time.

Bible Reference:         John 10:20


Cast:                1 (male or female, middle age or older)


Set:                blank, window is mimed


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:            none


Time:             4




actress comes on stage, pulls the corner of the curtain, peaks out a window at side stage

moves back from window, angry, hurt


How dare they stop in front of my house, sing that song?

How dare they?

“Joy to the world” indeed!

Where’s the joy?


peaks back out the curtains


They are still there! . . . Singing! . . .

It’s the youth group from church. . .

Singing . . .

To me . . .

Singing to the widow Anderson . . .

I am . .  the widow Anderson . .

Janice Anderson . .

The recently widowed . .  Janice Anderson. . .

That’s me . . I am . . .


head in hands, sobs


Just twelve days ago I was Mrs. Janice Anderson, proud wife of Ray Anderson. . .

We were sitting together on the couch watching TV, enjoying our breakfast coffee and . .

Ray looked over at me . .  I will never forget that look . . And he slumped over and . .

He was . .  gone . .

And I am alone . .

Alone. . .




And now the youth group from church drop by at the widow Anderson’s house. . .

To sing “Joy To The World”!

Only one problem . . .

In my whole world . .

In my whole widowed world . .

There is . .  no . . . joy!

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