Mom Matters

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Exodus 20:12

Theme:            A short easily-staged children’s drama for Mothers Day, recognizing all mothers do. Can be standard, readers drama or puppet script.

Bible Reference:         Exodus 20:12


Cast:                4 (children 7-10, m or f)


Set:                  blank


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Time:             3


Sample of script:           


1:                     I got my Mom a present. . .  Shhhhh! . .  Don’t tell her, it’s s’posed to be a surprise.
The reason I went and got Mom a present is that this is Mother’s Day.
I hope you guys didn’t go and forget to get a gift for your Mom.
It’s important that Moms get presents for Mother’s Day, cause mothers don’t really get presents very often.
I mean Moms mostly get presents and stuff on Christmas and their birthdays and that sorta thing. But that’s about it.
So best you don’t forget a gift for your mom on Mothers Day.
My friend Rory told me his dad forgot to get his mom a birthday present. You don’t want to know how that turned out, I tell ya!


2:                     Mothers Day is a real special day, on account of it’s a good day to let our moms know we love them.
Oh I mean we shouldn’t wait until Mothers Day to let our moms know we love them, that’s the kind of thing kids should do like every day, just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.
And we shouldn’t just do things to show our moms that we love them.
We oughta come right out and tell our moms we love them . .  In words.
I know . . when we get older, like me, it’s sometimes kinda hard to go and say, “I love you mom!”
But thing is, it’s what we oughta do.
And maybe its not so embarrassing if we say it first thing in the morning or last thing at night. . . . on account of our friends aren’t so likely to overhear.

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