Slaying Dragons

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 8:36

A funny, but emotional monologue where a woman tells of the many dragons in her life, dragons of control, fear, and even the unspeakable lust dragon. The fears and torments in our lives are like dragons, feeding on our strength, our faith. God will handle slaying the dragons if we turn them over to Him, and we will be free.
Really, and unquestionably free!

Sample of script:

actress comes on stage, looking behind her, defiant yet obviously somewhat afraid
Hey, back, stay there!
Dragon, back off, OK?
mops her brow, weary
Wow, this slaying dragons, it’s hard, I never realized how . .
notices audience, reacts
Hey, didn’t see you there, I am, well, that is to say, I am trying to . . .
Where you from?
Me, I am from the house three doors down. Blue house, red trim.
I know, I know! Wasn’t my idea I tell ya! I wanted peach and cinnamon.
But what do I know? Mr. Exterior Decorator, sometimes poses as my husband, he decided red on blue would be a character builder. Oh well, at least on Halloween the neighborhood kids kinda leave us alone, they figure our house has already been attacked.
takes big breath
Worn out here, kinda! I tell ya, I spent all morning staring down this mountain of laundry in my utility room. Just ask my kids, I stare good, but I met my match, laundry’s still sitting there.
Funny thing about laundry. It grows, ever notice?
No, like not growing like mold or that .. .
OK, so there have been a few times that someone musta brought mold in on their clothing and it found my way into my laundry basket. Likely it was the Anderson kids down the street. Twila Anderson, (mocking), Mrs. Perfect Housewife, she doesn’t allow mold in her house, so her kids gotta bring their mold to my place when they visit with my kids.
I think that’s it.
OK, so I never actually saw the Anderson kids bringing their mold into my house, but, look, it’s gotta go somewhere, right?
What I mean is, laundry, just turn your back and there it goes, spilling out over the sides of the laundry hamper, kinda like popcorn popping, know what I mean?
Laundry, for sure that’s a dragon in my life.
pause, looks into audience as though meeting questions
A dragon. . . . you know, something in my life I need to eliminate.
I call them dragons.
Dragons . . . . Things that we have to deal with.
Dragons, they attack you in so many places where, even people like you and I, Christians,
are vulnerable.
See, as a Christian, I am, seems like, under attack a lot.
Negative thoughts aren’t good, I mean, they are, like, dragons.
So like that’s the Negative Thinking Dragon, he’s right over there.
points to a spot on stage
Seems like I can keep the Negative Thinking Dragon under control, mostly anyhow, but
he’s never like, totally gone, know what I mean?
So he just seems to wait in the shadows, ready to pounce it seems.
pauses, frowns, looks at dragon
His eyes. That’s the worst part. Seem to stare me down. Make me doubt that I can
handle the dragons in my life.
pause, looks at audience
Yeh, well, I know I don’t really need to like, handle the dragons on my own.
Thing is, right in the Bible, in John Chapter eight I think it is, it says, "Therefore if the
son makes you free, you shall be free indeed".
My daughter, Angela, she’s twelve, cute as a whip, gotta tell you, and I’m not one of
those Mom’s always bragging on how cute their kids are . . . Well, I’m not!
Anyhow, Angela, she’s got this Amplified Bible, I like how it says that verse:
“If the Son liberates you, then you are really and unquestionably free.”
pauses, thinks, smiles
Really, and unquestionably free!
Look, no way I am there yet, I mean, I am . . free . . . but I’m not, I mean . .
Look, it’s a journey, know what I mean?
Nobody just, all of a sudden, has all the dragons in their life under control, I mean, you
hafta start somewhere and . . .
Oh sure, I heard this guy, he says how a person can feel such freedom, such joy, by just
turning all the dragons in our life over to Christ.

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