The SS Zark sample

Cast Number: 8

Run-time:40 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 6



A sample of the children’s drama on Noah and the Ark

Cast: 8 speaking parts and crowd scene

Uses a great deal of miming out action in the songs and also in the words.

Sound and lighting: Standard

Costumes: Standard, actors might wear a headband or decoration to show which animal they are

Sample of script

As drama opens, Zarky is miming that s/he is in the water, gently bobbing from side to side, arms outstretched.

Zarky: Mmm, ahhhh, what a lovely day to be a boat! Sun shining down, just a light breeze blowing across the water to keep me cool. Mmmmmm!

pause, looks up, then slowly down to shoulder as “bird lands on shoulder”

Zarky:Hi, Mrs. Sea Gull, looking fine today!

Zarky “notices the audience”, reacts

Zarky: Sorry, didn’t see you there! I’m the good ship SS Zark. But all my friends just call me Zarky. You can too, if you’d like. Was just resting here at anchor, in the water. Thinking about how lovely the day is.
Had a little rain shower little while ago. (takes deep breath) Mmmm, don’t you just love the smell of the fresh air after a rain!
(points up in the sky)
See way up there? See God’s promise up there in the sky. (pause) You don’t know about God’s promise? (points up in the sky) See, the rainbow? Way up there. All of the beautiful colors! Well, that rainbow is God’s promise. God promised there would never send a flood again, and . . . . . Hey, maybe I could sing this song and tell you all about the rainbow? Ok, listen up here!

Zarky, sings:
God sent a sign.
It was a rainbow.
He knew in time
That we would understand.
High in the sky
His arc of promise
His love for us
Just keeps on flooding down.