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Cross-cultural outreach covers short-term missions work around the world, but it also is meant for more local situations, such as inner-city outreach or prison ministry. The methods in 3C will walk amateurs through the “need-to-know” without long periods of study and research.
The 3C Manual gives full instructions on team building, warmup games, characterization, training schedules and mime essentials.

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The 3C Manual is downloaded from our website saving you time and money….

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The complete “DramaShare Method” in six well researched downloadable manuals for use in your ministry, with all of the necessary information which you will need to initiate or revitalize your dramatic arts ministry…

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An affordable 5 day VBS program includes annual membership, giving you full access to all 2,000+ scripts online…

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We are pleased to present our new Characterization webinar:

Characterization, Memorization and Controlled Terror

This program provides 120 minutes of instruction plus several hours set aside for creating dramas using the skills and techniques brought forward in the video presentation.

This webinar contains basically the same materials as you would receive by attending our regional workshops, minus the travelling costs. The format of this webinar allows you much more flexibility and more opportunity for reworking areas of difficulty and concern.

Throughout this webinar the leaders take you through the process of “building” each component of a character, with emphasis on making the character “come alive” in the mind of the performer, and thereby to the benefit of those who watch the performance. Bible characters and also contemporary characters are created on the spot, but using a consistent and straightforward process, making the performer comfortable with her character. All of this is combined with stage movement, voice, concentration and overall focus.

A substantial time is spent on memorization technique and also the importance of the rehearsal process, (what should and should not be handled in the rehearsal).

This webinar is aimed at the performer but is equally valuable to the director as well, and will put all team members “on the same page” in the ministry.
Click here to see a video sample from our Characterization Webinar

NOTE that we are usually available by toll-free phone, and always available by email, if you have questions or difficulties, whether prior to, during or after your training session. Send us a note to scripts@dramashare.orgor call us toll-free at 1-877-373-7262.

This program may be used in a group setting or for individual instruction, and may be used as one session or split over many sessions. You will note that lecture sessions will be followed by creating a drama using the skills from the lecture. Pause the video at that time and perform the drama.

While not essential, we highly recommend that you have the DramaClub Training Manual, the Countdown to CurtainUp Manual and the Improv Manual since some of the activities in the video refer to instruction found in those manuals. If you do not have these manuals please click on the following links to check out these resources, and, (if you so decide), to purchase them.

Click here for information about our DramaClub Training manual

Click here for information about our Countdown to CurtainUp manual

Click here for information about our Improv manual

If you are a current DramaShare member purchasing this webinar we will be adding an additional two months free membership to your account, it is our way of thanking our DramaShare members for their strong ongoing support. If you are not currently a DramaShare member you may order membership by clicking here and we will add the two months of free membership to your account when your membership order is received.

Note that this is copyrighted material to be used exclusively for the training and use of those within the church or group which originally purchased this material. This material may not, without prior approval from DramaShare, be sold to others nor used for training personnel other than those belonging to the purchasing church….

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Leaders Manual for the Actor / Director “Characterization, Memorization and Controlled Terror” Workshop.
Includes the Leader’s Manual with useful speaker’s notes, referenced to the DramaClub Training manual, (which is included in the package). Manual is downloaded from our website saving you time and money
In addition to complete actor training, also has excellent training for directors, writers and offstage personnel.
Includes all speakers notes in the Leader’s Manual, and also includes the PowerPoint program to be used on your computer…

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This new 48 page downloadable tutorial takes you through the wonderful world of Christian clowning ministry, the Biblical considerations, how to get started, types of clowns, make-up, using clowning for teaching, healing and recreation as well as sources for materials and inputs. Professional clown David R. Suhs, who has performed and taught Christian clowning internationally for over 35 years provides you with the assistance you will need to be successful in this unique ministry.


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Right from script search through casting, training, rehearsing, performance and post-performance, this manual breaks the process down into 52 individual components, (whether weeks, days or portions thereof – the preparation still has to be done).
Complete with Director’s Diary to keep everyone on the same page….

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Job Descriptions in Christian Drama This manual gives you a starting point for creating job descriptions for both drama and other ministries within the church And, YES, JOB DESCRIPTIONS ARE WORKABLE AND QUITE NECESSARY FOR VOLUNTEER CHURCH WORKERS. In fact, in some ways it is even more important for a volunteer to have a written…

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Script Writing services

Members: $2 per running minute, minimum $30

Non-members: $4 per running minute, minimum $60

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