The Story of Warren

Our friend and DramaShare member Ellen Jervis has this suggestion:

I would like to invite the Dramashare family to share in the work of two things in the way of three articles to read by way of “The Story Warren”. In fact I encourage you to explore all the writers at the “Warren”, as it’s one of those special collections of Christian Artists like the ones gathered here. We have a lot in common. [Google to find the website.] The Warren is introducing Makoto Fujimura. He is an fine artist – a painter. But he paints with his written work as well. Which I find rather intriguing because English is not his first language.
I thought I would share his written work here to the Drama Share family with this article because of the questions it presents. Was Jesus an artist? Was Mary’s act art? Is Art ever wasteful? Lots of emotions to be explored here. And as I read I could see theater scenes and dialogs my mind presenting the subjects of this piece. But it also made me think about the “aroma” of all that we do.
Makoto asks us: “Is our work for the gospel saturated with the aroma of Mary’s nard? “ The aroma of our work – something to think about.
Do you think about this as you create?
Also does this article stir some ideas for theatrical pieces in your minds?
Or maybe another question will emerge for us to chat about here.
I look forward to some responses. – Ellen

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