Training, the most overlooked area in Christian drama. And the reason for so-so performances!
Just selecting a script, recruiting “artsy,” experienced people, memorizing lines, sorry . . . that won’t cut it!
Fact #1
Unless your Aunty Carmela died and, nah. . . Your actors will already have a day job and you will compete with that, dating, and ball game and . . .
And, Fact #2 DramaShare’s statistics show that if 2 directors, a pro with degrees flowing out of his resume, the other an overworked file clerk with 2 teenage kids, a busy but supportive hubby with an 18 hour a day job and she’s full of joy and believes its what God and the pastor expects is the will of . . .
Help . . !
That brings on Fact #3 . . . and DramaShare Resources!
Over the past 35 years we’ve built the world’s largest script archive, Christian, family friendly scripts, but the DramaShare difference is the DramaShare Method.  we have training, for you, for the whole crew. Plus, over the next year we will invest $80,000 to further enhance our abilities, and, with active partners, introduce Christian family-friendly movies. This will begin shortly and involve remote training sessions
DramaShare has training tools written in everyday, non-technical terms to assist you and all your team: actors, directors, lighting, sound, offstage, onstage . . . Where’s my Aspirin I got this . .  Wait, where was I?

Training starts with you . .  the organizer/director.
And don’t forget we are always available by email or toll-free phone (1-877-363-7262).
Training. . . The beginning step in God-honoring Christian drama, and the on-going priority.
DramaShare has the tools for a successful drama ministry and you will succeed, regardless if you have NO previous training or experience.

I know I shouldn’t say this BUT . . . the most successful organizers, leaders, actors and everyone, . . .  have zero experience but a heart for ministering the word of God, when DramaShare job-specific training is arranged set up for your drama ministry.

All manuals are in electronic format, downloaded to your computer, meaning they are immediately available for you with no waiting for mail delivery. This is much less expensive for you, more easily searched and referenced, and easier to print off sections as required for informational or training purposes.

NOTE: manuals are also available as membership/manual combinations, giving you both training and also all 2,000+ DramaShare scripts AND resulting in a lower price for the manuals.


DramaShare Organizational Manual

A step by step outline for for setting the structure, organizing and staffing, creating policies and procedures and controlling the ministry

DramaClub Training Manual

Providing the “need-to-know” technical training which will equip actors, directors, writer and off-stage people to “minister dramatically,” without overburdening these busy volunteers

Countdown to CurtainUp Manual

A step-by-step guideline for staging a drama, from script selection through casting, rehearsals and post-presentation followup

Characterization Webinar

We are pleased to present our new Characterization webinar:
Characterization, Memorization and Controlled Terror

Got anything to give me complete freedom from nerves when going on stage in front of what seems like a gazillion people? And what will people say when I mess up a line or worse I freeze? DramaShare instruction through our materials plus phone counseling helps that. This program provides 120 minutes of instruction plus several hours set aside for creating dramas using the skills and techniques brought forward in the video presentation. This webinar contains basically the same materials as you would receive by attending our regional workshops, minus the traveling costs. The format of this webinar allows you much more flexibility and more opportunity for reworking areas of difficulty and concern.

Interpretive Signing Video

Interpretive Signing videotaped at DramaShare Atlanta Conference in 2003. Try exciting “Sign Art Ministry” in your church. Deena Canup led a very effective workshop, showing the “how-to” of blending signing and the Interpretive Movement. Deena used the incredible song, “No One Else” in this video, it has become the unofficial song of DramaShare as it so clearly points out the need for every Christian to step up and do “the job that only you can do!”

Team Devotions Manual

A devotional guideline for drama and music teams, useful for starting off each rehearsal or meeting of the team.

  • Team Devotions Manual
  • See a sample of Team Devotions Manual
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Improv Training Manual

“Improving Through Improving”. Improv is a great training and motivational tool for actors new or experienced. Helps enliven your rehearsals while training in acting skills.

  • Improv Training Manual
  • See a sample of Improv Training Manual
  • Order Improv Manual
  • Order Improv Manual & Membership

DramaTech Technical Manual (a Mr. Techie Karl Wagner Production)

An excellent tutorial on lighting, sound, creating backdrops, and much more. A kind of “techie manual for the non-technical person”.

Painting a Stone Wall Video (a Mr. Techie Karl Wagner Production)

The famous “anything is doable” Karl Wagner will not only amaze you as he uses an ordinary paint roller to paint a 3D backdrop of a stone wall. In so many Biblical, (and other), dramas we need a fast, effective and economical stone wall or well in the background. An excellent creation by an awesome man!

Joy In The Camp Continues! Summer Camp & VBS Manual

418 pages of dramatic fun for youth and children’s camps, or for activities year-round. Campfire stories, jokes, simple songs readings, mimes, human videos (mime to music, not a video), activities for fun, and learning.

The SS Zark VBS Backyard Vacation Bible School Manual

God’s wonderful creatures are the stars in this 300+ page resource. 5 days plus closing session packed full of dramatic fun for Vacation Bible School or backyard program. Drama, storytelling, puppetry, games, activities, food ideas, and many original songs.

Clowning Workshop by veteran clown David Suhs

Clowning is about bringing laughter to people of all ages, but clowning ministry is much more. This manual by veteran clown David Suhs is all about “The Lord’s Laughter” and all you will need to know about ministering in this unique way.

  • Clowning Workbook
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Leaning On Thin Air Mime Tutorial

Excellent 30-page miming tutorial written by Tim & Tanya Chartier gives basic instruction on miming, essential for a good grasp of characterization.

Stage Manager’s Manual (A Mr. Techie Karl Wagner production)

Having a Stage Manager (even in the smallest drama group) is essential. Check out this excellent step by step manual. Who is the stage manager and what are his or her duties?

  • Stage Manager’s Manual
  • See a sample of Stage Manager’s Manual
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Creating Job Descriptions in the Church

Job descriptions, well done and well used, are essential for staff and volunteers in all positions


God does not just call the equipped, He equips the called!