DramaClub Training Manual

Training for your actors, directors, writers and off stage personnel. Thorough yet focused training which deals on a “need to know” basis, so as not to overload you or your team.

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For many years our DramaClub Training Manual has been in use in churches, colleges, schools and groups around the world. DramaClub has formed the basis for many training programs around the world, and also is the basis for the DramaShare workshops which we conduct.

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Over the years DramaClub has been totally re-written, with sections added for training the director as well as an excellent Mime training program, just to name two. You will want to add this highly respected manual to your library!

Those who set out to build an inclusive dramatic arts ministry soon find that the best members in their ministry are often those with little or no experience. That is why at DramaShare we believe:

God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!”

A big part of your function as an organizer or coordinator is in “assisting in the equipping“, and assisting you is really the purpose of the DramaClub Manual. In DramaShare one of our basic, non-negotiable expectations has always been to create a ministry opportunity for all, where no one is excluded for reason of experience or training. To create an atmosphere where inexperienced amateurs feel competent we need to provide the skills training necessary to equip all participants, to ensure that the finished product is worthy praise to God, and never second-rate.

Fact is we need to train – train – train!

Not just at the beginning!

Not just occasionally!

Not just for certain skills!

We need to have an established, on-going, effective training program.

Our answer? DramaClub

DramaClub is a program of training and upgrading offered in our group to enhance the skills levels of all participants in our drama program, both onstage and off. No one is forced to do so, but all are strongly encouraged to get involved in training.

We want all participants to attend all training sessions, regardless of the subject matter. Costume personnel are encouraged to get involved in stage training. Actors are expected to learn the rudiments of lighting. Sound personnel are given training in props.

This method permits multi-skilling in all areas of our drama program. As well, as a result of this cross training experience we sometimes find someone who never planned to act develops a real interest and skill in acting. But even if this never happens, the real advantage of this multi-skilling is that everyone gains a new appreciation of the demands of the various functions in the drama program. And everyone gains a respect for what others go through in carrying out their duties. As a result, we develop a much more cohesive group, one with a focus on cooperation and support.

This Manual, as well as the DramaShare Manual and other DramaShare materials, will provide you with useful assistance, resulting in a Christian drama ministry experience will benefit, all to the glory of God.

The following are some of the topics covered in the DramaClub Manual:

  1. The Impact of Training on Recruitment. By providing training for actors, recruitment can be improved.
  2. Training the Amateur Actor. Establishing Basic Guidelines.
  3. The Five Building Blocks of Characterization. Building a Character.
  4. Roles and Rehearsals. Keeping all actors on course
  5. Acting Techniques. What to do after you come on stage.
  6. After the Curtain – Follow-up. Post-performance duties
  7. Special Acting Skills. Some lessons on individual acting challenges
  8. The Use of a Prompt Book. A Prompt Book is a real asset to every member of the drama group, on or off-stage. Contact DramaShare for a sample of the Prompt Book format which we use.
  9. The Terrified Feeling. Nerves – How to take that totally terrified feeling and turn into into . . . mere terror.
  10. Hints to Improve Memorization. Some suggestions which we have found useful in teaching memorization.
  11. Stage Terminology for Amateurs. Amateurs need only the rudiments of terminology and not all of the gobble-de-gook.
  12. Pantomime Technique. Mime is really the very essence of all drama and must be understood by all.
  13. Moving About the Stage. Some exercises on stage movement.
  14. Hints on Staging Pantomime. Some information on staging pantomime.
  15. Mime Exercises. Some individual and group pantomime exercises.
  16. Voice and Diction in Drama. A section covering voice and voice exercises.
  17. Creating Sounds. Speech and Sounds.
  18. Pronunciation and Vocabulary. Proper pronunciation and vocabulary are essential to drama.
  19. Pitch, Volume and Rate. The proper combination of pitch, volume and rate, and how these produce desired sound.
  20. Final Exercises and Checklist. Wrapping up the section on Voice and Diction.
  21. Writing Christian Drama Basics. The Structure of Christian Drama. Creating the Theme, Type, Form and Style of Christian Drama.

We know that the DramaClub Manual will be very useful in your ministry.

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