When The Mountain Won’t Move

Remember that Bible passage:

“. . . . if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

But what about when, in spite of our best prayer efforts, that mountain won’t move?

We live and work in our motorhome, which in reality is a mobile office with just enough room for living as well. We love the life and it allows us to be near work at all times, and to be inspired to write and create.

In spite of being very busy with this ministry there are often times when we come in contact with fellow travelers in RV parks. Such was the case a couple of months ago when a lady, Trish, checked in to the site beside us. Not sure why but I stopped what I was doing and went out to chat with her as she walked her dog. Trish tearfully told me that her husband had, just a month before, developed a cough and a pain in his side. They had come to the city hospital to have it checked out and found . .  the husband had cancer throughout his body and was given two weeks to live.

In spite of fervent and constant prayers . . . one week later her husband was gone. And Trish and her dog and her RV moved back home for a funeral.

A natural response . .  why are my prayers not working? . . .

With all of this in mind I wrote the script “The Immovable Mountain

Just a few days ago I had the strong urge to contact Trish to see how she was doing. Amazingly it turned out that was one of her worst days, she had accepted the fact that she could not travel alone in her large RV and therefore had, that day, sold her large “dually” truck with which the RV was towed. The acceptance that this move was necessary signaled the reality that the traveling lifestyle she and her husband loved was officially over. The grief this realization brought, and the disappointment that came from “the immovable mountain” in her life, seemed more than she could bear. Her cry for help was “I wish so much my husband could let me know he still cares . .”

I admitted that there was nothing I could say that could take that pain away. All I could offer is the fact that I really did care about what she was going through. . . . But, even more than I care, and that I am sure her husband cares,  . . I know God cares! I based this assurance on Biblical fact but also, perhaps more easily accepted at this troubling time, I based it on an amazing old hymn “Does Jesus Care” which was written a hundred years ago, and which speaks to the agony of going through the loss of someone near and dear.  This hymn was recorded by George Beverly Shea at age 102, (backup by Gaither’s Guy Penrod).

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