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DramaShare membership gives full, free access to all 2,000+ scripts for the full 12 month period of membership. There is no charge (and no royalty or performance fee), for scripts, no maximum number of scripts you can use. All scripts are open to members, so you can search, read, print off or download any DramaShare script. (If membership is allowed to lapse all DramaShare materials, (in hardcopy or electronic format), must be destroyed.

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We are available 24/7, by email or toll-free phone to assist with script or technical information. You can talk directly to the author in most cases.

DramaShare members have full access to useful information in “Practical Assistance” for help on acting and directing, and on various forms of drama (Puppetry, Clowning, Mime, etc.), MP3 files of songs we have written for our musical dramas, and much more.

If we don’t have a script on-line to fit your needs, chances are we can write something to your specifications!
If you have written a script, you may submit your script for consideration for publishing on the DramaShare site.
So while a major benefit of DramaShare membership is the huge collection of scripts we offer, the fact is this is only one of the great many benefits of being a DramaShare member.

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Membership Renewal

DramaShare membership renewals prior to expiration date receive a discount on membership price.