God does not call the equipped
He equips the called!


The cost of travel has made regional drama conferences and workshops cost prohibitive for many churches, therefore our "Conduct Your Own Workshop" packages have become much more popular, (and in most cases more effective).
However we still do conduct Drama Conference and Workshops in certain cases. 

DramaShare uses a mobile office in which we travel around North America, conducting on-location training for churches, colleges and groups.

Send us a note to scripts@dramashare.org  to tell us what you want to see in drama conferences and workshops.

Through pre-workshop surveys, we tailor the training to the specific needs and skills levels of the trainees. We are then able to modify the program as required in order to make it a very meaningful and beneficial experience for all who attend.

Seminars range from one day to a full weekend, (beginning on Friday evening, going all day Saturday, often including a drama presentation in the Sunday morning church service, a closing session on Sunday afternoon, and optionally a Monday morning meeting with pastors, organizers and leaders where we evaluate the training and set plans for the future). Traditionally on the Friday evening we cover the organizational aspects of the ministry, (see below), then on Saturday we focus on the characterization process for actors and directors. In the Characterization workshop we utilize role playing and small group projects as training tools. This is a very "hands-on" session with everyone on their feet, learning and growing.

Although each seminar and workshop is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the group, we do have two major program themes (as identified above):

  1. Organizational Theme:
    Organizing an Effective Drama Ministry where some of the topics covered will be:
    • Organizing your ministry for longevity and impact
    • Setting goals and objectives
    • Analyzing your ministry organizational structure
    • Developing a Personnel Usage Policy (PUP)
      • Setting guidelines on participation
      • Developing a Personnel Inventory (PI)
      • Establishing Personnel Needs Profiles (PNP)
      • Burnout-proof volunteer recruitment
      • Creating and equipping ministry leaders
      • Using a "Project Management" model
      • Creating a written, ongoing, "doable" training program
      • Job descriptions and organizational charts
      • Creating a MAP - Putting it all on paper
        • Where are we now
        • Where do we want to be?
        • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
        • Establishing scheduled organizational "wellness checks"
    • Fitting drama into the overall church ministry
    • Surveying church membership for input and support
    • Developing credibility in the church
    • Assembling props and costumes
    • Motivating and training amateur actors
    • Creating excitement and learning in rehearsals
    • Ministering to all ages through puppetry, clowning, interpretive movement and signing
    • Keeping the MMMMMMMM in Ministry

    Who will benefit from this program:

    • pastors (senior, music, youth, CE)
    • Drama coordinators and leaders
    • Directors and producers
    • Actors and crew
    • Those interested in dramatic ministry
  2. Actor and Director Theme Characterization, Memorization and Controlled Terror
    • This very in-depth, hands-on workshop covers areas of concern to amateur actors, and those who lead in drama ministry:
      • Characterization - what is characterization?
        • From what sources can we draw?
        • Proven methods of creating your character
        • How amateurs can use these skills
      • Memorization
        • How is it done, really?
        • Exercises which will help
      • How characterization will improve memorization
    • Who will benefit from this program:
      • Actors of all ages and of all experiences, (including no experience)
      • Drama coordinators and leaders
      • Directors and producers
      • Pastors and church workers
      • Anyone interested in praising God through dramatic worship

Every trainee in either DramaShare workshop receives important handout materials which reinforces the materials covered in the seminar. These handouts are left with the trainee, to be used as a reference guide in the future.

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