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13 Aug

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Exploring Jesus’ Grandmother

I just finished writing and publishing a script based on the “mother of Mary” and it is getting attention. This script came about when a member sent me a custom script writing request for “the mother of Mary” and it really got my interest, especially since the mother of Mary is never mentioned in the Bible. (Later the member clarified that what she meant to ask for was “the mother of Jesus” . . . but by then I was intrigued with writing about a grandmother of Jesus).
I got to thinking . . . Mary’s mother had to exist, what would it have been like to go through what she went through . . .
This unnamed grandmother must have figured prominently in at least some of the happenings. In that world 2,000 years ago where most people were mentioned only by their first name . . . What would it have been like to be (as I named the drama) “A No Name Woman In A First Name World” . .  and what would she have seen and heard? Such as . . .
“Mom I am pregnant!”
“No Mom, the baby’s father isn’t Joseph . . The father is . . . ”
Being of the lineage, the grandmother would likely also have gone to Bethlehem for the census, . . . would she have been there at the birth? . . . At the temple with Simeon and Anna? . . .  At the marriage at Cana where the water was turned into wine? . . Could she, like her daughter Mary, have become a disciple . . . Been at the Upper Room? . . .
And . . .
Could she have been at the arrest, the trial . . . . The crucifixion? . .
The glorious resurrection?
While she would have been older at that time . .  it is possible . . .
Soooooo . . .  what if?
I love to prayerfully and fully research the Bible for everything that . . definitely IS and WAS . . . and then within those restrictions . . . do the  . .  “What if’s” . .
Without in any way watering down the message of the Bible or the marvelous truths therein . . can we wonder  . . what if the grandmother played an active (or even reluctant) part in the marvelous REAL happenings of Jesus as he walked this earth?
I look forward to your feedback.


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