DramaClub Training Manual download

DramaClub Training Manual download

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Proper training is a necessity for actors, directors, writers and off-stage personnel.
This manual desribes a complete training program, in layman’s terms..
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    The DramaClub Training Manual has been an outstanding success, being actively used for over 6 years in training Christian dramatic arts ministries in 42 countries around the world.
    Since it’s first printing in 1994 we have received many good reports on this manual, as well as suggestions for improvements. The result is DramaClub Training Manual 2.0.

    In addition to a section on Directing, (including excellent material written by Karen Dickson and Mike Wagman), and also a Mime tutorial written by Tim & Tanya Chartier, we have updated
    all parts of the new manual.

    Our prayer is that God will use this information to His glory in locations throughout the world,and that through the Christian dramatic arts ministries which rise up that His name will be glorified.

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