God does not call the equipped
He equips the called!

Forms of Drama

Beginning, or upgrading, a drama ministry is no easy task, it requires hard work, dedication, and more than a little prayer.
And there are just so many options within drama ministry:

At DramaShare we have scripts, training and resources for all of these and more

With hard work, dedication and prayer, plus resources DramaShare has developed over the past 30+ years, a highly successful, long-term creative arts ministry is possible, even in the smallest church, even if organizers and personnel have had no formal education or experience.

God does not just call the equipped, He equips the called.

What are the components necessary for a successful drama ministry?

How does DramaShare supply these?

What else does DramaShare have to offer?

How do Churches Best Access these Resources?

While scripts can be purchased individually, membership is much more user-friendly and usually less expensive. Membership gives 12 months of free scripts with no limit to the number of scripts you may use.

In addition all resources in PRACTICAL ASSISTANCE are available to members at no charge. Consider annual membership.

NOTE: manuals and DVD's are not covered in basic membership.

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May God bless your ministry, dramatically!

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